Bottleless Water Dispensers

Bottleless Water Dispensers for Businesses

Did you know that plastic bottles take over 1,000 years to biodegrade? Not only that, but it’s estimated that 25 percent of all bottled water is repackaged tap water that is costing your business a pretty penny. A better solution for your customers, employees, the planet and your bottom line: a Natura bottleless water dispenser

Natura Bottleless Water Dispenser Features

- Delivers chilled still, chilled sparkling, and still ambient water

- Ideal for high-volume businesses

- Space-saving, modern stainless steel design

- Polished stainless steel cabinet

- 3-step advanced filtration process

- Retains healthy, thirst-quenching minerals

- Improves the overall taste and smell of drinking water

- Eco-friendly and superior alternative to bottled water

Bottleless Water Dispenser 3-Tap

Bottleless Water Dispensers Deliver the Cleanest Water

If your high-volume office, restaurant, or hotel is thinking about making the switch from plastic water bottles, there is no better bottleless water dispenser than Natura. This is because our three-step advanced filtration process works to not only filter out contaminants, but disinfect the water for total irradiation. 

Natura’s Patented 3-Step Water Filtration Process

1) Two high-grade long-lasting carbon water filters eliminate chlorine, pesticides, chemicals, dirt, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants from your business’s tap water. 

2) A NanoCeram filter disinfects the water providing total irradiation, reducing bacteria and virus count to almost zero -- including elimination of E.Coli and coliform bacteria.  

3) The stainless steel water refrigeration chamber keeps your business’s water fresh and continuously cool -- enabling maximum hygiene. 

The result? The best-tasting, healthiest drinking water that your customers and staff will ever consume! 

The Best Alternative to Bottled Water

Whether you are looking to enhance the flavors on your restaurant menu, or provide an endless supply of clean drinking water to your office staff, Natura bottleless water dispensers are the perfect solution. Corporate employees, hotel guests, and restaurants can all count on our bottleless water dispensers and refill stations for great-tasting, chilled sparkling, still and ambient water. Companies use our dispensers to fill everything from carafes, to environmentally-friendly glass water bottles, sports bottles and much more. Taste the Natura difference today! 

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