Best Water Filtration Systems for Businesses: A Buying Guide


When you decide to purchase a water filtration system for your business, you will likely find yourself bombarded with the many different types of commercial water filters on the market. While it may seem nearly impossible to choose which water machine is best, rest assured that there are ideal products available to fit businesses of all shapes and sizes. It just takes a little knowledge of the main types of commercial water filters to help you decide which will work for your unique needs.  

Here, we will break down some common types of commercial water filtration systems to help you choose which one you should buy for your restaurant, hotel, resort, or office.


A Quick Guide to Commercial Water Filtration Systems & Dispensers


Countertop Water Filtration System with 2 Taps



Perfect for: Medium to high-volume offices and restaurants

A 2-tap commercial water filter dispenses chilled sparkling and chilled still water. This type of water filter machine has a space-saving, self-contained design to easily fit on a countertop; whether you need one for an office kitchen or for a serving station inside a cafe. This type of water filter consists of two separate units: one filtration assembly, and one refrigeration and carbonation unit that connects to your water supply. A countertop water filtration system of this size can pump out 35 liters of cold water per hour.


Countertop Water Filtration System with 3 Taps 


Perfect for: High-volume businesses; hotels, resorts, professional kitchens, food-service industry applications

A 3-tap countertop water filter offers something for everyone. In addition to chilled sparkling and chilled flat still water, this commercial water filtration machine contains a tap that dispenses room temperature water for those guests, employees or patrons who do not care for cold or carbonated water. The ambient water tap can also be easily used for cooking purposes inside professional kitchens. This water filtration and dispensing system has three separate units: the counter top system, a filtration assembly kit, and the CO2 regulator and tank (tank not supplied). These connect to the water supply. While it is slightly larger than its 2-tap counterpart, this water filtration system is also space-saving, has no visible components and can still offer 80 liters of cold water every hour.


Filtered Water Dispenser with 2-Tap Tower 



Perfect for: Medium-volume offices and restaurants

If you are looking for a commercial water filter that will also look elegant on a self-serve beverage station at your restaurant, or sleek and sophisticated inside an open office area, a filtered water dispenser with a 2-tap tower could be ideal for your needs. This 2-tap system dispenses chilled still and chilled sparkling water while also sitting pretty. Employees and customers alike will enjoy pouring their own crisp, clean beverages from this Italian-inspired design that offers 35 liters of chilled water per hour.


Filtered Water Dispenser with 3-Tap Tower


Perfect for: Medium to high-volume offices, restaurants, hotels and resorts

 Whether your business is larger, or medium-sized, a self-serve filtered water dispenser with a 3-tap tower may be just the right fit for you. A third dispenser offers still, room temperature water to customers, patrons or employees who may not want cold still or cold sparkling water. Even with an additional tap, this type of water filter still looks sophisticated enough on a high-end restaurant beverage station, inside a resort spa or in a corporate office atmosphere.

The Best Water Filtration Systems & Carbonated Water Dispensers

Natura Water offers commercial water filtration systems and sparkling water dispensers for restaurants, hotels, resorts and corporate offices of all sizes. Not only does every Natura water-on-demand system fill up a glass with great-tasting, filtered water in seconds, all models are space-saving and cost-effective. Learn more about our commercial water filtration systems today, and discover the Natura difference!

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