Bottleless Water Dispensers: How They Help Businesses Go Green

If your business is thinking about making the switch from plastic water bottles, there is no better time than the present. While bottled water is still quite popular, it poses many risks to the environment. This is why more and more businesses are installing eco-friendly alternatives to bottled water such as bottleless water dispensers. Here’s how making the switch can help your business go green, too. 

They Reduce Plastic Waste

It goes without saying that bottleless water dispensers can cut back on plastic waste in your office, restaurant, or hotel. But what you may not know is that 2.2. million bottles of water are consumed every day in the United States alone. And these plastic bottles rarely make it to the recycling bin due to human error. A bottleless water dispenser can help your business decrease the amount of plastic found in landfills in a big way.

They Cut Back on Carbon Emissions

A bottleless water dispenser can help your business drastically reduce its carbon footprint. Because the installation of a dispenser is a one-time job, you won’t need to worry about excess fossil fuel waste that comes with water delivery services. Producing and shipping bottles of water burns millions of gallons of fuel each year and releases 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air. With a water dispenser, your business will have a virtually unlimited supply of water to sustain your employees and customers -- sans the fossil fuel waste that deliveries create. 

They Help You Conserve Water

While many companies are trying to cut back on their carbon emissions, they must also consider the bigger picture of water conservation when it comes to green business practices. Did you know that manufacturing bottles of water actually wastes more water? It’s true. In fact, it takes 3 liters of water to make just one liter of bottled water. A bottleless water dispenser can help your business combat excessive water waste that goes into producing and packaging bottled water. 

Go Green with a Bottleless Water Dispenser

Filtered water dispensers are much better for the environment, and are even more cost-effective. Natura Water can help your business go green and cut back on needless waste with our wide range of eco-friendly water filters that match the needs of businesses large and small. 

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