Carbonated Water Systems for Restaurants: Which Should You Choose?

Carbonated Water Systems for Restaurants: Which Should You Choose?

Sparkling water may be trendy, but demand for this fizzy drink keeps growing by the day. In the past five years alone, sparkling water sales have doubled, and beverages made with sparkling water such as healthy mocktails and low-ABV cocktails are in high demand. This popular change in consumer behavior shows that people are clamoring for a drink that is more than just a fad. Many restaurants have taken notice and are beginning to install carbonated water systems to ensure that the bubbly beverage is readily available to their customers at all times.

As you search for restaurant carbonated water systems, you will find that there are many types of machines that do virtually the same thing. While it may seem impossible to choose, there are ideal systems for every restaurant; whether you operate a fast-casual concept, or own a high-volume fine dining establishment. This handy guide will help you decide on the best system for your unique needs. 

What to Look for in a Restaurant Carbonated Water System

There are many types of carbonated water systems to choose from. While some are high-quality machines, others don’t offer important functions. Choosing a system that includes the following essential features guarantees that your purchase not only meets your expectations, but exceeds those of your customers. 

Long-Lasting Activated Carbon Filters

When you install a carbonated water system, it should filter your tap water through at least two high-grade carbon filters. These filters are powerful and responsible for removing harmful chemicals like chlorine and pesticides, and eliminating heavy metals, dirt, rust, and sediments. This double process guarantees that the sparkling water you serve customers is clean and pure. 

NanoCeram Filter

You should also look for a carbonated water system that includes a NanoCeram filter for disinfection. This third filter will provide total irradiation and reduce bacteria and virus count in your tap water to nearly zero. This will ensure that your sparkling water is free from E.Coli and coliform bacteria that can be extremely harmful to young children and your pregnant patrons. 

Stainless Steel Refrigeration Chamber

An exceptional carbonated water system will also contain a stainless steel water refrigeration chamber to enable maximum hygiene. This element ensures that the sparkling water you serve customers and staff is the freshest, cleanest, best-tasting water they will ever try. The chamber also allows your system to dispense large volumes of water at a constant, cool temperature. 

Pressurized Carbonation System with Sensor Controls

Another ideal feature is a system that includes a sensor-controlled, pressurized carbonation element. This component will mix your clean, filtered water with pure CO2 and your chosen “bubble” intensity.   

Carbonated Water Systems for Restaurants: Choose Your Model

The following carbonated water systems offer these ideal features in a sleek, modern stainless steel design. Whether you operate a small cafe, or a high-capacity restaurant, there is a system available to fit your needs. 

Countertop Carbonated Water System with 2 Taps

Ideal for: Medium to high-volume restaurants & kitchens

Countertop Carbonated Water System 2-Tap

2-tap water filtration system dispenses both chilled sparkling and chilled, still water

Space-saving design easily fits on a countertop

Perfect size for serving stations and behind the bar

Pumps out 35 liters of chilled water every hour

Countertop Carbonated Water System with 3 Taps

Ideal for: High-volume kitchens & food service applications

Countertop Carbonated Water System 3-Tap

3-tap countertop water filtration system offers chilled sparkling, chilled still water & ambient “room temperature” water

Versatile and perfect for cooking purposes inside professional kitchens

Ideal for larger serving stations 

Offers 80 liters of chilled water per hour

2-Tap Tower Carbonated Water System

Ideal for: Medium to high-volume restaurants 

2-Tap Tower Carbonated Water System

Filtered water dispenser with a 2-tap tower is a modern, sleek system

Adds elegant look to self-serve beverage stations

•Offers 35 liters of chilled sparkling and chilled still water per hour

3-Tap Tower Carbonated Water System 

Ideal for: Medium to high-volume restaurants 

3-Tap Tower Carbonated Water Machine

Self-serve 3-tap filtered water dispenser offers chilled sparkling, chilled still and ambient water

Adds sophisticated look to fast-casual or high-end restaurant beverage stations

Offers 80 liters per hour capacity

Choosing the right carbonated water system for your restaurant will ensure that every glass is filled with great-tasting, filtered water. Don’t be left behind on this growing beverage trend! Offering your customers sparkling water on-demand will show that your restaurant understands their ever changing tastes. 

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