Commercial Carbonated Water Machines: 3 Creative Uses for Restaurants

Commercial Carbonated Water Machines: 3 Creative Uses for Restaurants

As a restaurant owner or manager, you’re always on the hunt for ways to attract new and returning customers. While you may have already boosted your advertising game, hired a top chef who uses only the highest-quality ingredients, and have a friendly, attentive staff, your restaurant recipe for success may still be missing one key ingredient: a commercial carbonated water machine.

Installing a commercial carbonated water machine in your restaurant can be an affordable, eco-friendly way to revamp your restaurant menu. Sparkling water is a consumer trend that keeps growing by the day. And when you use a carbonated water machine creatively, it can offer your restaurant an immediate advantage over your competitors.

How to Use Commercial Carbonated Water Machines in Your Restaurant

1) Dish Up Distinct Menu Items

Installing a carbonated water machine in your restaurant kitchen can help keep your menu fresh and unique by allowing your kitchen staff to dispense carbonated water on demand for use in recipes. The air bubbles in the water will breathe new life into soups, sauces, main courses and so much more. Try these delicious ideas for cooking with carbonated water:

- Serving breakfast or brunch? Kick your pancakes up a notch by adding chilled, carbonated water to your batter instead of milk or still water. Your customers will love the light and fluffy texture carbonated water can bring to this breakfast staple. (This tactic even works to make scrambled eggs fluffier!).

- Tempting customers with tempura? Use carbonated water as the liquid in your tempura batter to keep fried chicken, vegetables, and cheese light, fluffy, and crispy after frying.

- Baking some bread or other dough-based items? Substitute carbonated water for plain still water to add some tender texture.

- Whipping up a big batch of soup? Use sparkling water instead of still water in your soup base for a subtle effervescence. It can be especially delicious when added to gazpacho, or chilled dessert soups. 

2) Get Crafty with Gourmet Sodas

Commercial carbonated water machines are perfect for mixing things up on your restaurant soft drink menu. In addition to offering regular cola, think about treating customers to your own gourmet soda flavors.

Bartenders can either make their own fruit or herb-infused syrups to add to glasses of sparkling water, or your serving staff can add pre-made flavored syrups to carbonated water to make Italian soda. Either way, adding gourmet sodas to your soft drink list is just another unique idea to keep customers returning for more. And whatever you do, don’t be afraid to experiment! Use a commercial carbonated water maker to craft sparkling iced teas, juices, lemonade, carbonated iced coffee -- or even sparkling ice cubes.

3) Concoct Sparkling Water Cocktails (and Mocktails!)

Installing a commercial carbonated water machine makes it simple for your bartenders to stay on top of the sparkling water beverage trend; whether they’re making craft cocktails or sparkling non-alcoholic drinks that customers are craving.

Commercial carbonated water machines are great for crafting fancy sparkling alcoholic drinks, light and refreshing summer mocktails, and even adapting classic recipes to create new craft cocktail specials for each day of the week.

Commercial Carbonated Water Machines for Restaurants

Carbonated water offers you and your staff the ability to experiment with menu items while offering customers something creative and new virtually every day. Because commercial carbonated water machines are installed directly into your restaurant’s water line, you will have a constant supply of fresh, clean, filtered water. So, go ahead -- test out new recipes! The possibilities are endless when you use Natura sparkling water machines in your restaurant.

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