How a Commercial Sparkling Water Dispenser Helps Increase Liquor Sales in a Bar

How a Commercial Sparkling Water Dispenser Helps Increase Liquor Sales in a Bar

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Have liquor sales in your bar recently plummeted or plateaued? If so, you may want to take a good look at the drinks you’re selling. Chances are, every bar on your block sells the same beer, wine, and cocktails, so in order to bring people through your own doors, you must exceed customer expectations by offering something that your competitors aren’t selling.

One of the biggest beverage trends over the last few years has been the increase in sparkling water sales and, more recently, spiked sparkling water. Because the demand for these fizzy drinks isn’t showing signs of slowing down, your bar should be thinking about how to offer its own take on the hard sparkling water drinks your customers crave.

Choosing to install a commercial sparkling water dispenser behind your bar is a simple, economical, and convenient way to meet customer demand. Here are three ways this one small change can help increase liquor sales in your bar.

Drink Specials Can Switch in a Snap

When you offer your customers specialty cocktails that they can’t get at other bars in the neighborhood, it gives them even more reason to visit your business instead. Think about it: if your bar is the only place customers can purchase their favorite drinks, then they will surely come to you! Point-of-use countertop sparkling water dispensers make it simple to create your own unique, spiked sparkling drink specials by the day, the week, the month, or the season. Here are just a few ideas you can try to lure new customers in: 

- Mix up seasonal LTO cocktails like red and blue mojitos for the Fourth of July, or sparkling pumpkin spice apple cider in the fall.

- Have each of your bartenders craft their own sparkling water cocktail specials, and switch them out daily, weekly, or monthly.

- Create one or two sparkling signature craft drinks that are unique to your business and add them to your permanent drink menu. 

Perfect Match for Craft Infusions

These days, infusions are almost as trendy as sparkling water. Put them together, and, bam: instant upsell! Sparkling water dispensers can help you turn many types of spirit infusions into sparkling craft cocktails your patrons are sure to love and return for. Infusions are great for boosting bar revenue since they allow you to offer something exciting that the bar next door simply won’t be able to duplicate.

Try making ginger infused vodka to create a spiked ginger soda, a peach infused rum for a twist on a traditional mojito, or a rosemary infused gin for a savory take on a gin fizz. The flavor possibilities are endless.

Easy to Offer Healthier Cocktails

Low-proof, healthy cocktails are starting to take over drink menus around the globe as more people are choosing to live healthier lifestyles. Installing a sparkling water dispenser behind your bar can help your staff stir up sparkling, low ABV cocktails in a pinch. These bubbly drinks have been shown to increase liquor sales because the alcohol volume is so low. This means people tend to order more of them, or even drink them during lunch.

Have your bartenders mix up healthier sparkling water cocktails made with low-proof spirits. Or, create refreshing spritzers to cut down on alcohol volume.  

A point-of-use commercial sparkling water dispenser is a simple option for offering clientele delicious drinks that are on-trend. Not only will the addition of signature drinks, sparkling craft infusions, and healthy cocktails bring more people through your doors, your bar’s unique drinks will have them returning again and again. 

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