Commercial Water Filtration Systems for Hotels: 3 Big Benefits

As a hotel manager or owner, you know how important it is to provide your guests with an exceptional stay. This is especially true in our digital age where social networking and online review sites can either make or break your business. Even if you have all of the essentials covered such as an attentive, friendly staff, the most pristine and comfortable rooms, and delicious food, there are plenty of routes you can take to go above and beyond and ensure that the guest experience is superior every time. Something as simple as installing a commercial water filtration system and water dispenser in your hotel is just one way to boost guest satisfaction -- and fast.

Here’s how commercial water filtration systems can benefit your hotel and provide a better experience for every guest. 

1) They Elevate Sustainability Efforts

More travelers are going green and choosing eco-friendly lodging and sustainable hotels, so it’s important for your business to meet the demands of eco-conscious guests. Over a third of travelers are planning to choose more eco-friendly travel options in 2017 than they did in 2016. A surefire way to help your hotel or resort reduce its carbon footprint and stay competitive is by installing a commercial water filtration system. Because these water filters hook up to your hotel’s existing water supply, you can dispense water only when your guests actually need it. 

2) They Give Guests a Luxurious Experience

While point-of-use filtered water dispensers make it easy for your staff to serve delicious, still water, they also make offering sparkling water to travelers a complete breeze. Gone are the days where you hand a bottle or can of seltzer to a guest, or set it on their room service tray. Instead, when guests ask for sparkling water, you can simply dispense it into a tall, elegant glass with a garnish of lime or lemon. Additionally, commercial water filtration systems can help your bar staff create fresh and tasty sparkling cocktails and mocktails in a pinch! Travelers are sure to feel special, pampered, and well taken care of with these readily-available craft drink options.

3) They Make Hotel Food Taste Better

If you’re using a water filtration system to offer guests cleaner, fresher drinking water, then why not cooking water, too? Filtered water dispensers are great for hotel kitchen use and can add flair to menu items. Upgrading your hotel restaurant water quality can be used to your advantage and make a lasting impression. Because carbon water filters effectively reduce or remove heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates, chlorine, and bacteria, water filtration systems prevent bad odors and tastes from entering your food -- plus make it healthier to consume. If you’re looking for ways to use filtered water in your hotel restaurant, try these creative uses for sparkling water.

These days, it’s critical for hotels and resorts to stay on top of hospitality trends and implement more sustainable business practices to attract more travelers. Purchasing a commercial water filtration system for your hotel is a simple and effective choice to stay competitive and keep guests satisfied.

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