6 Common Questions About Commercial Water Filtration Systems

While you are browsing for commercial water filtration systems for your restaurant, hotel, or office, you will come across a variety of ways to offer your customers and staff clean drinking water. As a business owner or operations manager, you want to ensure that you are serving only the purest, safest water, so it’s imperative to ask the right questions before installing a water filtration system.

The following questions and answers will help you understand how filtered water machines function, so you can make the best decision for your business.

How does a water filtration system work?

Many commercial water filtration systems found in restaurants, hotels, and corporate offices hook into existing water lines. These machines use an advanced water purification process that includes the following steps:

- Tap water flows through high-grade carbon water filters to retain contaminants and unwanted impurities.

- In some advanced systems, water flows through a NanoCeram® filter for disinfection – an excellent filter for reducing bacteria and virus count.  

- Often the filtered water is refrigerated to keep drinking water fresh, cool, and sanitary. 

Do water filtration systems remove chlorine?

Yes! Certain top-of-the-line commercial water filtration systems work to remove chlorine and its byproducts from water. High-grade carbon water filters can also be extremely effective in removing other chemicals.

Can water filters remove bacteria?

During the disinfection process, the NanoCeram® filter can reduce the bacteria and virus count to nearly zero. This includes reducing E.coli and other coliform bacteria that can cause digestive and gastrointestinal illnesses.

Do water filtration systems remove lead?

The water filtration process found in commercial water filtration systems can remove contaminants from water such as lead and other heavy metals. Special carbon water filters retain these unwanted particles all while permitting clean, safe drinking water to pass through.

Do water filtration systems soften water?

If your business needs a water softener, it’s important to know that water filtration systems do not soften water. Water softeners prevent scale from building up in your pipes, but don’t remove impurities. A water softening unit can be used to deliver water for use in drinking, cooking, and even cleaning. That said, it’s still a good idea to install a commercial water filtration system to ensure chemicals, heavy metals, and bacteria are removed from your water.

Are commercial water filtration systems necessary?

Water filtration plays an important role in keeping your water fresh and clean. Installing a commercial water filtration system in your business is an ideal way to ensure that the water you serve customers and employees is always safe, sanitary, and great-tasting.


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