Does a Commercial Water Dispenser Purify Water?

There are a variety of commercial water dispensers on the market, and each has a unique process for making tap water clean and safe to consume. As you’re searching for the perfect water dispenser for your business, you want to ensure that you choose a system that can offer the cleanest, freshest drinking water to customers, visitors, and staff members.

While you may be wondering if all water dispensers purify water, it’s important to first understand that purified water and filtered water are not the same thing. While each process has its own unique way of removing contaminants and impurities, commercial water dispensers take the water-cleaning process a step further by filtering tap water that has likely already been purified.

What is Water Purification?

Water purification is the process of removing harmful contaminants from water. While this may sound similar to filtered water, many purified water systems (like those utilized at your municipal water treatment facility) use chemicals such as chlorine and iodine during the water-cleaning process. This means that even if your tap water has been purified, it can still contain contaminants you probably wouldn’t want to serve, let alone drink yourself.

While water purification plays an important role in providing businesses with safer drinking water, commercial water dispensers remove chemicals and other impurities that water purification systems simply can’t eliminate.

How Commercial Water Dispensers Filter Water

When you install a commercial water dispenser in your restaurant, hotel, office, or university dining hall, you will achieve peace of mind knowing that the drinking water you’re offering is free from synthetic chemicals and other contaminants found in purified tap water. Here’s how a commercial water dispenser purifies and filters tap water to make it safe and clean:

● Tap water first flows through high-grade carbon water filters to retain harmful contaminants and other unwanted particles like chlorine, pesticides, dirt, rust, sediments, and heavy metals.

● A NanoCeram filter disinfects the tap water. This process provides total irradiation allowing Natura water filters to reduce the bacteria and virus count to nearly zero. It also eliminates harmful E.coli and coliform bacteria that can cause digestive upset and gastrointestinal illnesses.

● Stainless steel refrigeration ensures maximum hygiene. This component keeps freshly filtered drinking water continuously cool, clean, and delicious.

So, can a water dispenser purify water?

While the process of water purification offers its own unique benefits to businesses, commercial water dispensers “purify” tap water by filtering out impurities to ensure that you serve customers and staff only the purest, safest drinking water every day.  

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