Eco-Friendly Hotel Ideas You Need to Implement Now

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As more consumers are choosing to engage in eco-conscious lifestyles at home, it’s unsurprising that their tastes in hotels and travel destinations are noticeably greener, too. Eco-friendly travel options are projected to increase up to 36 percent in 2017 in order to meet green travelers’ demands. Business travel is also going greener, with many corporations implementing booking policies that require traveling employees to stay in sustainable hotels.

These days, it’s crucial for your hotel or resort to adopt more eco-friendly practices so your business can stay competitive, attract more travelers, save money, and do its part to protect the planet. Here are just some of the best ways to make your hotel more sustainable.

Conserve Energy

Reducing energy can enhance guest experience and add extra padding to your bank account. Making just some simple changes to how your hotel uses energy can make a big impact. Try switching to long-lasting LED lights to reduce electricity use, or install skylights in common areas to use more natural light during the day. Energy-saving kitchen, laundry, and air conditioning equipment can also drastically reduce energy use in hotels. If your hotel or resort has a pool, consider purchasing a solar water heating system.

Limit Water Waste

Water conservation is important for all business sustainability initiatives, but especially for hotels and resorts that host numerous guests throughout the year. But why conserve water? For one, water is a limited source, so the less water wasted the better. Using water in excess can also lead to groundwater contamination if sewage systems overflow. Conserving water also reduces energy use, thus saving your business money. Installing low-flow shower heads and toilets, as well as sink aerators in hotel rooms can greatly reduce water waste on a daily basis.

Ditch Disposables

Some room amenities such as shampoo, soap, lotion, and coffee can all wreak havoc on the environment. Think about switching to natural and organic toiletries in biodegradable or recyclable packaging. Better yet, consider offering these items in bulk dispensers to cut back on needless waste. Another great way to reduce waste in guest rooms is to swap plastic and paper cups used for coffee and drinks with reusable glasses and mugs.

Have Guests Reuse Linens

Linen reuse programs for hotels and resorts are another great idea in terms of reducing water and energy waste. Think about encouraging guests to reuse their towels, sheets, and bedding so housekeeping can cut back on how many times they need to use the washing machines and electric dryers every day. The Project Planet Program offers pillow cards, towel cards, do not disturb signs and more so travelers can easily let your staff know when they plan to reuse their linens. 

Equip Staff with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Swapping out conventional cleaning supplies with green cleaning products can help your hotel or resort offer a safer, more natural environment to travelers. Many hotels are now using bio-based cleaning products instead of chlorine and petrochemical-based cleaners that can be harsh on our skin, and pollute the planet. 

Serve Local and Organic Food

When eco-minded travelers search for a hotel or resort, they want to make sure they can easily dine on healthy, sustainable cuisine. Offering local, seasonal, organic food is a great way to ensure that your guests are dining on fresh, delicious, eco-friendly meals. Opting to serve local ingredients can also bring travelers closer to your local community and its unique culture.

Consider Composting

Many hotels and resorts are now composting their food waste to divert food from landfills. Instead of throwing scraps in the dumpster, try composting organic matter whenever possible to reduce your carting expenses, environmental impact, and gain a positive perception among travelers.

Install Eco-Friendly Filtered Water Dispensers

Industrial water filtration systems and countertop water dispensers are already being utilized in some of the finest eco-friendly hotels and resorts in the country to meet the demands of travelers. Not only are point-of-use filtered water machines a great and eco-friendly way to serve water, they can save your business money, offer convenience for travelers and staff, and dispense clean, refreshing drinking water to suit every taste; whether guests enjoy chilled sparkling, chilled flat, or ambient water.

Implementing just some of these sustainability efforts in your hotel or resort will help your business stay competitive, save money, and reduce your negative impact on the environment.

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