Filtered Water Dispensers on College Campuses

Why are University Dining Halls Ditching Bottled Water?

College campuses and university dining halls across America are swapping out plastic bottles of water in favor of filtered water dispensers. This may not come as a surprise as younger people are living much healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyles than generations that came before them. As more colleges are introducing no-bottle initiatives in their dining halls, they’re discovering that ditching bottled water has some big benefits.  

Limits Plastic Use

While placing recycling bins all over campus is a good step toward making your college greener, it’s important to know that many plastic containers still wind up in the trash. Even worse, single-use food and drink packaging is the most significant source of plastic pollution found in our oceans. Filtered water dispensers help reduce plastic waste by offering water on-demand. Some campuses are even offering students reusable water bottles in addition to other sustainability initiatives like trayless dining, reusable to-go containers, and compostable utensils, lids, and straws. 

Nonstop Supply of Clean Drinking Water

College campuses are filled with constant activity -- and plenty of thirsty students! Placing water dispensers around campus helps keep students hydrated at all times. Because the machines are installed to use campus tap water systems, students have a virtually endless supply of clean, filtered water readily available. The best part is that these water dispensers have a high capacity, which means high-traffic areas like dining halls and dormitories can surely benefit. 

Offers Students Healthier Hydration Options

For students who are looking for healthier drink options, filtered water systems can’t be beat. When 3-tap countertop water dispensers are present in college dining halls, students often fill their sports bottles with fresh, clean, great-tasting water; whether they enjoy chilled, still water, room-temperature water, or even sparkling water. Because point-of-use water machines offer a variety of water types, they make it much easier for students to kick sugary soft drinks to the curb. The water filtration process also ensures that healthy, hydrating minerals are retained; including calcium, zinc, and magnesium.

Filtered Water Dispensers for College Campuses

Installing point-of-use filtered water dispensers on your college campus is the best way to ensure that drinking water is safer, more sustainable, and more affordable. College and university campuses of every size can benefit from switching to high-capacity water filtration systems that cut back on plastic waste and provide healthy water students will love to drink.  

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