How Filtered Water Dispensers Enhance Restaurant Water Service

How Filtered Water Dispensers Enhance Restaurant Water Service

As a restaurant owner or operations manager, you know that every aspect of restaurant service must meet customer expectations and flow seamlessly, including water service. If your restaurant lacks the care and attention to detail that a customer expects, this may result in lost opportunities for repeat business.

So, how do you ensure that every customer has a dining experience that makes them want to return? Installing a filtered water dispenser is one simple solution to offering patrons stellar and seamless service, all while making it easier for staff to serve a variety of water types. Here’s how a filtered water dispenser works to enhance water service in all types of restaurants; from fine dining establishments to fast-casual concepts.

Fill Bottles and Carafes Quickly

When the lunch or dinner rush occurs, the influx of activity can make it difficult for staff to serve drinks in a timely manner. During this time, it can be especially frustrating for servers and customers if they simply ordered a bottle of sparkling water for the table. Filtered water dispensers can help your staff avoid backups when the bar is slammed with orders by alleviating the need to request bottles of sparkling water from the bartender.

Choosing a  3-tap counterop water dispenser for your restaurant is a great way to quickly offer customers chilled sparkling, chilled still, and ambient water. Because these systems can dispense up to 80 liters of water per hour, they will ensure that every customer is served water quickly, efficiently, and without delay.

Water Serving Tip: Many restaurants use filtered water dispensers to pre-fill glass water bottles or carafes before service begins. This helps them serve customers their water within minutes of them being seated.

Running Out of Water Isn’t an Option

Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than a restaurant running out of something they want to order. Because sparkling water has become increasingly popular, you may find yourself running low on the bubbly beverage in the middle of service. Worse yet, you may still be awaiting a shipment when a diner wants sparkling water right now.

Because a water dispenser connects directly into your restaurant’s existing water lines, you will never have to worry about running out of cold, sparkling water ever again. Not only do these machines offer seamless water service, they also allow your staff to be more attentive to their tables. No longer will they have to take time out of lunch or dinner service to restock sparkling water. 

Customers Can Pour Their Own

If your restaurant doesn’t offer upscale water service, you can still make your customers feel like their dining experience is more high-end. Everybody wants to feel special and taken care of, regardless of how much money they decide to spend on a meal out.

A user-friendly, 3-tap filtered water dispenser will ensure that your customers have the option of filling up their own glasses with water they most enjoy. Because the systems are so easy to use, kids and adults alike can help themselves to chilled sparkling, chilled still, and ambient water. And with their sleek, chrome-plated and stainless steel designs, filtered water dispensers create a more upscale ambiance in even the most casual of restaurant concepts. 

Installing a restaurant filtered water dispenser is a smart, effective solution for offering every customer enhanced water service that will make them want to return for more. Whether you operate a fine dining establishment, family restaurant, or a fast-casual concept, your customers are sure to appreciate the quality and efficiency that only a filtered water dispenser can offer. 

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