Filtered Water Dispensers for the Office: Is It Time to Switch from Bottled Water?

Everyone needs clean drinking water, and your office must have enough of it to keep employees hydrated and healthy at least five days a week. While having bottled water  or water coolers on hand can encourage staff members to drink more water throughout the day, installing a filtered water dispenser in your office is often a better choice for your business. In addition to cutting back on plastic waste, shipping costs, and saving you money in the long-term, an office water dispenser offers other healthy benefits to employees.

But is it time to switch from a water cooler or bottled water to a filtered water dispenser? If any of the following situations sound familiar, then it’s time to reconsider the way your business provides water to its employees.

Your Office is Small or Storage is Limited

It’s no secret that cases of water bottles and large jugs for water coolers can take up ample space in your office. This can pose a problem if your business is located in a cramped office, or you have little to no storage space. If you notice that your storage area is congested with water bottles, installing an office water dispenser can help your organization utilize office space more effectively. You are likely paying a pretty penny for rent, after all, so putting the space to better use can help you justify the cost.

Staff Members are Getting Sick

If your office is using a bottled water cooler, you could be harming the health of your employees. Because a human being must replace the bottles on a water cooler, any germs and bacteria that are on staff members’ hands can be transferred to the water from the top of the bottle. Not only that, but other contaminants found in your office air can easily infiltrate the water bottle. While your office can’t ward off every little cold or flu virus that will inevitably come through its doors, you can combat the spread of illness by switching to a filtered water dispenser that hooks up to your building’s water line directly -- alleviating the need to change bottles.

You’re Waiting too Long for Water Refills

Is your office consistently running out of bottled water? If so, a water dispenser can be a much more convenient option. Water delivery and its logistics can be a time-consuming task: from ordering, to managing deliveries, and trying to find space to store water. But if you had a water dispenser in your office, you would never have to worry about running out of water again! A point-of-use dispenser will offer a continuous supply of clean, delicious, filtered water all day, every day.

Maintaining Your Office Water Cooler Has Become a Pain

An office water cooler must be sanitized quite frequently. This is because the reservoir tends to develop a buildup of “biofilm” that can enter the water cooler, contaminating your water. The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) recommends that you sanitize your office water cooler once every three months. This can pose a problem when your staff members are simply too busy with their work to clean the water cooler. Thankfully, a stainless steel office water dispenser is a low-maintenance option that provides employees with the cleanest, safest drinking water. A trained professional will replace your water filter as needed so you and your staff can focus on staying productive.

Traditional office water coolers and plastic bottles of water used to be a staple in every office. But the negative impacts of these conventional water options have implored many business owners and office managers to ditch bottles. Installing a filtered water dispenser in your office is sure to make a positive impact on employees and create a more productive working environment. 

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