How to Go Green in Your Office This Spring

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Spring is officially here! Now is the perfect time to think about spring cleaning your office. If you are looking to declutter and revamp your workplace in ways that are also eco-friendly, try the following office spring cleaning tips that are sure to help you reduce your carbon footprint all while cutting costs.

5 Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Office

1) Clean Up Your Power Sources 

If your office is like most, you and your employees use computers daily. During your office spring cleaning efforts, be sure to have employees go around and check their energy settings on computers and other electronic devices. Setting computers to “energy-saving” settings, and making sure employees shut down computers at the end of each workday can help your business cut down on electrical usage all throughout the year. This process can also save your business money when it comes to energy costs. 

2) Digitize Everything You Can

It’s important to remember that even recycled paper products can create waste. So, the more things your business digitizes for online use, the less paper products your office will need. Think about keeping your files saved to computers or flash drives instead of using filing cabinets. You may also wish to view spreadsheets or presentations on digital devices using shared documents rather than printing them out. Cut down on paper correspondence with clients or customers and use email-based communications instead. There are many ways businesses can digitize their work, so conduct a brainstorming session on the topic with your employees, and then follow through to green-up your business practices.

3) Use Green Products Whenever Possible

If it’s time to reorder office supplies and cleaning products, be sure you purchase pens and pencils that are made of recycled materials. Even better:  swap disposable pens for refillable ones to save on office waste. You may even wish to opt for biodegradable soap and swap paper towels for cloth. While purchasing some paper products will likely be needed, always buy recycled paper and envelopes. And if buying in bulk is an option, do it! Bulk purchases will cut down on packaging waste, shipping boxes, carbon emissions, and shipping costs throughout the year.

4) Soften Up Your Office Lighting

Purchasing desk lamps or overhead lights that use LED or CFL bulbs will help your company save on energy. These lights also create a warm, inviting ambiance for both employees and office visitors. Swapping out bright incandescent lighting for energy efficient options like LED or CFL bulbs are a great cost reducer, too. In fact, the electricity used in a lifetime from just one traditional incandescent bulb will cost five to ten times the original purchase of the bulb itself.

5) Install an Office Water Dispenser

Consider installing an office water dispenser to help your business save energy and combat unnecessary waste. Filtered water machines and countertop water dispensers are cost-effective, plus employees and clients will love having the delicious option of filling up their reusable water bottles and glasses with sparkling water.

Because we spend most of our time at work, it’s important to remember that our attitudes about reducing our environmental imprint at home should be extended to the office. These eco-friendly ideas are sure to help your business protect the planet from even more unnecessary waste and pollution. Happy spring cleaning! 

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