Health Care Water Purification Systems: 3 Positive Effects on Patient Health

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If you work in a health care field, you understand how vital water is to your industry. From dialysis machines, to hydrotherapy, laboratory water, and sterilizing surgical instruments, using clean water is essential to keep patients and staff healthy, and your day-to-day operations functional.

Installing the right health care water purification system in your hospital or medical practice is a great way to ensure water contaminants are eliminated, so you can provide patients and staff with the cleanest, freshest drinking water they have ever tasted.

Here are just three important ways that a health care water purification system can positively affect the health of your patients and staff members, alike.

Helps Prevent Waterborne Disease

Because a water purification system hooks directly into your building’s water line, disease-causing contaminants can be virtually eliminated through a high-tech water disinfection process.

After your tap water flows past carbon filters, it will then move through a NanoCeram filter to provide total irradiation. This additional water purification step ensures that bacteria, viruses, and disease-causing organisms are reduced to nearly zero -- including E.coli and coliform bacteria which have both been linked to severe illnesses in pregnant women and young children.

Ideal for Patients with Weakened Immune Systems

If you deal with patients who have weakened immune systems, it’s critical that the water you serve is as pure and clean as possible. The prevalence of hospital-acquired infections (HAI) from contaminated water are a common concern for patients with compromised immunity. Not only can HAI’s pose incredible health risks to these patients, they can become a financial burden to your medical facility.

Because hospitals and other medical practices have complex waterworks with low-flow areas, this can produce stagnation and biofilm formation. Plus, if your water temperatures aren’t well regulated, waterborne bacteria can grow rapidly and lead to illness.

A high-end health care water purification system addresses HAI issues before they start by providing a closed, stainless steel refrigeration chamber for your drinking water. The stainless-steel design enables maximum hygiene by keeping the water at a constant, cool temperature until it’s ready to be dispensed.

Offers an Unlimited Supply of Healthy Hydration Options

Health experts like you know that adequate hydration from drinking clean, filtered water can help ward off the flu, colds, and other viruses. It’s only natural to ensure that the water you offer your patients and employees enables optimal hydration while keeping water-related illnesses at bay.

Choosing to install a water purification system in your health care facility will work to eliminate waterborne gastrointestinal illnesses while providing drinking water for every taste. Your patients and staff will love the unlimited supply of delicious clean, hydration options these systems provide: from chilled still water, to chilled sparkling water, and ambient water, everyone will be clamoring to stay healthily hydrated.

In health care settings, a water purification system allows you to serve the cleanest, freshest drinking water every day. It’s important to note that while water purification systems alone can’t eliminate all illnesses found in health care facilities, they are an ideal option for providing patients with the most sanitary drinking water available. 

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