4 Healthy Benefits of Water Filtration Systems for College Campuses

4 Healthy Benefits of Water Filtration Systems for College Campuses

Many colleges and universities are beginning to recognize the need for filtered drinking water and have started to install water filtration systems in dining halls, dormitories, and other campus buildings. While there are many ways to offer clean drinking water to students and staff, water filtration systems provide the following unique features to ensure that your campus drinking water is not only healthy, but tastes great, too.

Unlimited Supply of Clean, Cool Drinking Water

Our bodies may be 60 percent water, but we tend to lose some of this important nutrient as we go about our busy days. If this lost water isn’t replenished, your students and staff may feel negative effects in terms of physical and mental performance. Placing water filtration systems in your campus dining hall, dorms, and classroom buildings is an ideal solution to keep everyone on campus adequately hydrated.

Water filtration systems are high-capacity machines that are designed to work with your campus water lines to offer a virtually endless supply of filtered drinking water. These powerful systems are also equipped with refrigeration chambers to keep drinking water continuously cool and refreshing.

A Natural Brain Booster

Your students need proper hydration to keep their brains functioning properly. Between classes, late-night studying, exams, and extracurricular activities, their minds can feel fatigued from dehydration, which can cause them to lose focus. Installing point-of-use water filtration systems throughout your campus will give students ample opportunities to easily refill their water bottles with healthy water between classes to help them refocus on their education.

Can Help Prevent Illness

It goes without saying that college and university campuses are definitely not germ-free. But you can help prevent the spread of germs by choosing to provide water filtration systems and dispensers on your campus. Studies have shown that when we drink enough clean, filtered water throughout the day it can help ward off certain illnesses like the flu and prevent gastrointestinal diseases caused by waterborne illness. Because top-of-the-line water filtration systems also disinfect your water, the process can reduce virus and bacteria count, making it healthier to drink.

Encourages Students to Drink Healthier Beverages

Many students are now switching to healthier, sugar-free drink options. In a 2016 survey conducted by the Beverage Marketing Corporation and Fluent, 33 percent of college students said they plan to drink less soda. Installing a water filtration system in your campus dining hall can help meet this growing, health-conscious demand. Whether students enjoy chilled sparkling, chilled still, or room-temperature water, a water filtration system can ensure that there are enough healthy hydration options readily available to help encourage every student to drink more water throughout the day.

Whether you are a small community college, or a larger four-year university, campuses of every size can reap the healthy rewards that water filtration systems provide.

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