How to Clean a Filtered Water Dispenser: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Clean a Filtered Water Dispenser: A Step-by-Step Guide

Installing a commercial filtered water dispenser in your business is just the first step to providing your customers and staff with fresh, delicious water. In order for your new system to work correctly for the long haul, it is imperative to keep the machine clean and well-maintained. Periodic cleaning of the system’s taps and exterior will allow your filtered water dispenser to stay in working order for years to come.

Cleaning a Natura filtered water dispenser can be fairly simple as long as you follow the instructions as outlined below. You can also reference this video for more help. If you find that you don’t feel comfortable performing the maintenance and cleaning yourself, be sure to contact a trained professional.  

Items You’ll Need:

● Plastic water pitcher

● Household vinegar

● Warm water

● Polycarbonate container for soaking parts (a 1-quart liquid measuring cup works well)

● 2 Microfiber towels

● Stainless steel cleaner

● Small plastic bristle brush (optional)

● Clean hands and a clean workspace!

Filtered Water Dispenser Cleaning Procedure

Filtered Water Dispenser Cleaning Procedure

Draining water from dispenser taps

To Clean the Taps

● Turn off the water supply. Turn the shut off valve 90 degrees to ensure the water supply to the machine is cut off.

● Turn off the power. Flip the electric power switch to the off position to ensure safety.

● Turn off the CO2 valve. Turn the CO2 valve (located on the CO2 regulator) 90 degrees to shut off the supply to the machine.

● Turn your CO2 tank to opposition. This will ensure that the tank is completely closed.

● Place a plastic pitcher underneath each tap to let leftover water drain into the pitcher. Keep each tap in the open position after this draining process. Note: Water from the CO2 tap will run longer than other taps in order to flush water from the CO2 tank. This will take anywhere from 15 to 20 seconds.

● Remove each tap carefully. Remove the taps one by one by loosening the tap shank nut on each (located at the base of the tap), turning them clockwise to loosen.

● Disassemble each tap. All parts will get sanitized except for the bonnet.

● Disinfect each tap in a polycarbonate container with a solution of one part clean, warm water and one part household vinegar. Drop all parts straight into the solution for cleaning. This can take anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes depending on the severity of any scaling that is present. Wipe off any excess scaling or debris with a microfiber towel. Repeat disinfection process as necessary. You can also use a soft, plastic bristle brush for cleaning hard-to-reach spots.

● Rinse each tap in clean water

Disinfecting water dispenser taps

Disinfecting water dispenser tap parts in gentle cleaning solution

Tap Reassembly Instructions

● For ambient and cold water taps, line the taps up one by one in a vertical position and turn the shank nut counterclockwise to tighten. Tighten each shank nut as tight as you can by hand.

● For the compensator carbonation tap, line it up vertically and push it back into the machine to get the thread started. Once you feel the tap engage with the machine, turn and tighten the shank nut counterclockwise. Tighten the shank nut as tight as you can by hand.

● Make sure all tap handles are pushed back before turning the water supply back on. 

water dispenser tap reassembly

Reassembly of the water dispenser taps

Returning the Filtered Water Dispenser to Service

 Important: If a water leak is detected, shut off the water supply, electric, and CO2. Resolve the leak first before moving on to the next steps.  

● Turn on the water supply valve. Turn it 90 degrees to the on position.

● Place a pitcher underneath each tap to purge water through the system. Do this for just a few seconds for ambient and cold water taps. For the CO2 valve, you will need to purge water from the carbonated tap for a while. Once you see a full, steady stream of water, push back the tap.

● Restore electric to the machine by turning the machine power button to the on position.

● Turn on the CO2 supply. Turn the valve a full 90 degrees to ensure it is turned on correctly.

● Pull on the CO2 tap and wait until you hear the CO2 valve power on. Repeat this process two or three times until carbonated water comes through the tap correctly.

Repeat this water dispenser cleaning process once every 6 to 12 months to ensure proper function and cleanliness of your machine.

Returning Filtered Water Dispenser to Service

Restoring carbonated water to filtered water dispenser

Cleaning the Water Dispenser Exterior

● Dampen a clean microfiber towel with stainless steel cleaner.

● Rub water spots and smudged, or tarnished areas with the towel to remove them.

● Repeat as necessary to keep your machine looking sleek and shiny.

This article is for informational purposes only. Natura Water LLC assumes no liability for any damage caused by performing any of these actions nor does Natura Water LLC assume any damage caused by, or to the machine, by exercising the actions outlined in this article. This article is not intended to be a substitute for repairs done by persons not capable of completing the tasks as outlined above. If you are not familiar with the Natura machine and do not feel comfortable performing any of these tasks, please contact a professional or Natura Water LLC for assistance.  

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