Is Filtered Water Safer Than Tap Water?

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When you own a business, the health and happiness of your employees and customers likely crosses your mind often. One of the best ways to ensure that your staff and patrons are healthy is to take a good look at the water you are serving. You may wonder if your restaurant’s tap water is a safe option to serve customers. You may also question if your tap water could smell and taste better to staff and clients. You may have even heard that the best way to ensure healthy, safe drinking water is to install a water filtration system. But is filtered water healthier than tap water? Let’s find out.

Filtered Water vs. Tap Water: Which is Healthier?

Is tap water safe to drink?

If you live in the U.S., your tap water is likely linked to your home or business by a municipal water system, so it must constantly be tested for harmful contaminants and adhere to government standards. However, while tap water is disinfected, it is also treated with chlorine and a host of other chemicals to get rid of harmful substances like microorganisms and other pollutants. This means that the tap water you serve in your restaurant or offer employees may be keeping everyone hydrated, but it also may not be as healthy as filtered water due to these synthetic chemical treatments.

What is in tap water?

In 2009, over 300 pollutants were found in U.S. tap water. Despite these findings and government regulations, unhealthy contaminants are still present in tap water today -- even after municipal water treatment facilities treat it. This is mainly because the Safe Drinking Water Act regulates just 91 potential contaminants in U.S. water. Not only that, but if you have a business in a city that transports water through corroded pipes, heavy metals can leach into the water you’re serving customers, staff, or clients.

Here are just some of the toxic contaminants that can be found in treated U.S. tap water -- all of which have been linked to health conditions such as cancer, delays in physical or mental development in kids and infants, hypertension, hyperactivity, stomach problems, liver problems, kidney issues, and central nervous system diseases:

- arsenic

-  aluminum

- lead

- prescription and OTC drugs

- chlorine and other toxic disinfection byproducts

- mercury

- pesticides

and much more.

Is filtered water safer than tap water?

Installing a commercial water filtration system can ensure that you are serving your customers, employees, and yourself safe, clean drinking water. Certain water filtration machines are designed to remove more impurities than other methods of water purification by using activated carbon to prevent unwanted chemicals, bacteria, pesticides, fluoride, heavy metals, and other contaminants from entering drinking and cooking water.

 Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Filtered Water is Filled with Healthful Minerals

One of the best parts of using a water filtration system is that the water you serve will retain beneficial, healthful minerals like zinc, magnesium, and calcium. Natural minerals are essential in maintaining the pH balance of your drinking water, as well.

Filtered Water Tastes Better Than Tap Water

Water filtration systems can offer your customers better-tasting drinking water since it removes bacteria and other impurities that often create a bad taste in the mouth. Filtered water is especially beneficial if you own a restaurant, hotel or resort, as it can improve the quality and taste of the food you are serving to guests. Clean-tasting water that is odorless and free from bacteria may also encourage your staff to drink more water. Studies show that hydrated employees are more productive and happier!

Filtered Water Can Boost Your Overall Health

Because water filters greatly reduce the number of toxic chemicals and other harmful substances found in drinking water, it can lead to overall greater health. Drinking clean, filtered water from a water filtration system can aid in your body’s natural ability to flush out toxins, thus protecting it from disease.

Healthy Drinking Water Starts with Natura Water Filtration Systems

Natura commercial water filtration systems can help your business serve healthy, safe drinking water. Our patented water filtration process removes contaminants, heavy metals, bacteria and other pollutants so you can offer your patrons, employees, and clients healthy and delicious drinking water. Taste the Natura difference today! 

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