Common Myths About Sparkling Water, Debunked



Sparkling water is gaining popularity as a healthy alternative to plain, still water. In fact, it’s a one and a half billion-dollar business. However, there are some common myths surrounding this refreshing beverage that we have grown to know and love -- including that it can be bad for our health. But is sparkling water that bad for you? Let’s find out.

4 Sparkling Water Myths and Truths

1) Myth: Sparkling Water Causes Heartburn 

The Truth: Drinking sparkling water doesn’t cause heartburn out of nowhere. But if you are prone to already getting frequent heartburn or have been diagnosed with acid reflux, then you may want to drink still water instead. This is because the carbonation found in sparkling water can sometimes make pre-existing acid reflux issues worse. It’s important to remember that the outcome is different for everyone -- some people even claim that drinking sparkling water helps alleviate their acid reflux symptoms. 

2) Myth: Sparkling Water Can Dehydrate You 

The Truth: Health experts say that drinking sparkling water can offer the same healthy, hydrating benefits of plain water. The refreshing taste may even help you consume more water because it is just that enjoyable to drink! So, if you don’t like plain water, you’re in luck on the hydration front. Try it for yourself by drinking filtered, sparkling water after your workout to quench your thirst. Or, drink some sparkling water from your office’s filtered water dispenser all throughout the day and see how much more alert and productive you can be. 

3) Myth: Sparkling Water Will Damage Your Teeth 

The Truth: Are you going to damage your teeth from drinking a glass of plain sparkling water from time to time? No. But if you tend to drink a lot of sparkling water with added sugar, then you may want to rethink your water drinking habits. While carbonic acid can be found in plain sparkling water, there isn’t enough acid in the bubbles to erode your tooth enamel. Sparkling water is actually a great alternative to sugary sodas and fruit juices that contain much more acid and sugar. As long as you take care of your teeth properly and see your dentist for regular dental checkups, enjoying some sparkling water won’t cause great damage to your smile. To be on the safe side, consult your dentist before drinking sparkling water -- especially if it is flavored or has added sugar -- to see if your teeth are healthy enough to enjoy the bubbly beverage. 

4) Myth: Sparkling Water is Bad for Your Bones 

The Truth: Studies show that carbonated beverages can weaken your bones but only if you are drinking sugar-laden soft drinks or colas. In fact, carbonation found in sparkling water is not the ingredient that leaches calcium from your bones (it’s just bubbles!). Many health experts and doctors have said that sparkling water is a safe alternative to drinking plain water. So, don’t be afraid to drink up! Your bones will applaud you for ditching your cola habit and switching to sparkling water.

Sparkling water is a great alternative to drinking sugary beverages and reaching your eight-glass quota of daily water intake. Just be sure to also drink filtered, still water to ensure that your body receives a variety of healthy hydration options.


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