Why Every Office Needs a Countertop Water Dispenser

Why Your Office Needs a Countertop Water Dispenser

Filtered drinking water is a common necessity in the workplace as it keep employees and guests hydrated and healthy. While office workers have enjoyed huddling around water coolers over the years, some businesses are now starting to swap bottled and jugged water for countertop water dispensers for a variety of different factors, including sustainability and cutting costs.

But why should your office install a filtered water dispenser? Here are just a few good reasons why your business should consider purchasing an office water filtration system, too. 

3 Good Reasons to Install an Office Water Filtration System

1) Filtered Water Dispensers Are Cost Efficient

Those single-use plastic bottles of premium drinking water you have stocked up in the office refrigerator are more expensive than purchasing a countertop water dispenser. This is because choosing to buy an office water filtration system instead of bottled water eliminates the cost of not only the water in each bottle, but the shipping and packaging that comes along with it.  Filtered water dispensers utilize your building’s water system creating an on-demand water service where people in the office can dispense delicious, clean water into drinking glasses or reusable water bottles. It’s a much more economically-sound way for you and your employees to drink more water, while also protecting your company’s bottom line.

2) Countertop Water Dispensers Cut Back on Office Waste

If you are trying to implement greener business practices, then it could be the perfect time to make the switch to an environmentally-friendly office water filtration system. Countertop water dispensers can help your office reduce both energy and plastic waste that can negatively impact the environment. Millions of single-use beverage bottles end up in the trash every day, but buying a water dispenser for the office will help your business greatly reduce waste that may otherwise end up in landfills or in the Earth’s oceans.

3) Office Water Dispensers Offer Something for Everyone

Countertop water dispensers for offices are a great idea when it comes to keeping employees, clients, and guests happy. Many people do not enjoy the taste of plain, still water, but a filtered water dispenser at the office can make drinking water much more pleasurable! This is because hi-tech water purification systems and filtered water dispensers offer more than just chilled, plain water. They also give people the option of dispensing a tall, refreshing glass of sparkling water. Some office water dispensers even have a tap for room temperature water for those who have a distaste for cold water. Countertop water dispensers offer a variety of ways to stay hydrated at the office, which can often result in healthier, more productive employees.

Natura Countertop Water Dispensers Are Perfect for Every Office

Natura Water makes it easy for offices of every size to make the switch to countertop water dispensers. Whether you own a small business, or are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Natura has office water dispenser options to fit your own unique needs. Our patented three-step water filtration process eliminates impurities while retaining beneficial, thirst-quenching minerals your employees and clients will love to drink. Taste the Natura difference today!

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