How Restaurant Water Dispensers Can Benefit Your Business

As a restaurant owner, manager, or chef you seek to provide your patrons with great-tasting, quality food. So why are you still serving your customers tap water to drink? These days, most people opt for home water filter pitchers and systems in order to prepare meals and drinks that are free from harmful chemicals and bacteria. It’s only natural that they would expect the same when splurging for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner out. Thankfully, restaurant water dispensers and filtration systems are available to provide your patrons with clean, refreshing drinking water. Restaurant water filters work to significantly reduce contaminants from tap water; including heavy metals, pesticides, and chemical impurities. 

If you still aren’t convinced that you should install a water filtration system, here are five more great ways a restaurant water dispenser can benefit your business.  

 Restaurant Water Dispensers: 5 Big Benefits

1) They Make It Easy to Serve a Variety of Water Types

A point-of-use restaurant water dispenser makes it simple for your servers or bartenders to fill up patrons’ glasses with chilled still, chilled sparkling, or ambient water. If you have ever dined out with your family, you know that everyone likes their water a certain way. Perhaps mom likes to drink sparkling water, while the kids enjoy cold water without ice, and grandma likes to drink her water at room temperature. A 3-tap countertop water dispenser will make it easy for your wait staff to provide your patrons with the water they want quickly and efficiently; whether servers are filling up individual glasses of water, or carafes.  

2) They Are Patron-Friendly

If you own a fast-casual concept or cafe that allows your customers to fill their own cups with bottomless drinks, consider installing a countertop water dispenser in your restaurant. Point-of-use water dispensers are easy for patrons of all ages to use. Offering guests the option of filtered, sparkling water will also keep parents happy since carbonated water can be a great alternative to sugary soda. Kids will still love filling up their own cups with sparkling water.

Idea: Keep refreshing lemon or lime wedges next to your water dispenser so patrons can enhance the taste of their sparkling or still water.

3) They Make It Simple to Offer Trendy Beverages

The world of foodservice is certainly a fast-paced one due to growing and changing wants from customers. Because sparkling water is a trend that keeps on growing, being able to offer your patrons fun, unique sparkling water beverages can keep them coming back to dine and drink again and again. A restaurant water dispenser makes it easy for your restaurant, bar, or coffee shop to stay on top of these beverage trends and offer drinks your customers crave! Make your beverages stand out with fruit and herb-infused sparkling water recipes, carbonated iced coffee drinks, or even use soda water in your restaurant’s bakery recipes like pizza dough for some pizazz! The creative possibilities are endless with restaurant water dispensers.

4) They Eliminate the Need to Use Ice

Let’s face it: ice machines are messy, time-consuming, and a pain. If you are like many restaurant operators, you probably find that your ice machines frequently break down, or aren’t energy-efficient. Because restaurant water machines can help your staff dispense chilled water that is cold enough to enjoy without ice, you can save much-needed time, frustration, and cash. A lot of people are saying no to ice when they dine out anyway since multiple studies have shown that restaurant ice machines harbor illness-causing bacteria.

5) They Free Up Storage and Refrigerator Space

Installing a restaurant water dispenser also makes it easy to save some much-needed space! Rather than storing multiple cases and bottles of still and sparkling water in your restaurant cooler, refrigerator or storage closet, you can save your chilled and dry storage areas for other important things like food products, condiments, vegetables, and other foodservice essentials. This can be especially helpful if you own a smaller establishment with limited storage space. Plus, the less clutter you have building up in your restaurant, the more your customers will enjoy its clean ambiance!

Don’t be the only restaurant in town that offers tap water that isn’t fresh. Restaurant water filtration systems and dispensers will keep your customers hydrated, happy, and returning for more. 

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