Restaurant Water Dispensers: Should You Rent or Buy?

There are many decisions to make when you operate a restaurant. And one of the most crucial is if you should rent or buy restaurant equipment such as POS systems, commercial cooking appliances, refrigeration, and even restaurant water dispensers.

While each option comes with its own benefits, choosing to rent or buy a restaurant water filtration system can be a difficult decision if you don’t have the facts on hand. Consider the following benefits of renting and buying restaurant water dispensers so you can choose the best option for your unique needs.

Renting vs. Owning Restaurant Water Dispensers

Benefits of Renting a Restaurant Water Dispenser 

Affordable Upfront Cost

Every restaurant has a strict budget in which to adhere. If you find that you simply can’t afford a more substantial dent in your budget right away, renting a water dispenser for your restaurant can be a great, flexible option. 

Professional Installation

Trained service technicians are available to install your rented restaurant water dispenser. They will determine the best possible location for your system and ensure that you don’t have to worry about installing it properly yourself. 

All-Inclusive Service

Don’t want to change your water filters? No problem! A full-service plan for your restaurant water dispenser can include filter changes, maintenance, replacement parts, delivery of the system, and even a 24/7 service line. 

Benefits of Buying a Restaurant Water Dispenser

Cost-Effective Solution

Buying a water dispenser for your restaurant can often be a more cost-effective option in the long term. While you may spend more money right away, buying can be an ideal choice if you have the funds available.    

Has Profit Potential

Buying a restaurant water dispenser is an affordable drinking water option. Once you surpass the “break-even bottle”, every glass of water or bottle poured will be pure profit! 

Comes with a Warranty

Purchasing your water dispenser comes with the added benefit of a warranty* that can protect your system for one year following an initial recommended professional installation. 

Preventative Maintenance

Just as with leasing, buying a restaurant water dispenser offers preventative maintenance services and water filter changes which alleviates the burden of having to find the time to do this yourself.  

*Disclaimer: Natura Water works with distributor partners across the globe to lease and sell. Distributor quotes may vary by the type of system, the location of the lease/sale (North America, Central America, Dominican Republic, Caribbean, Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, etc.) and the service plan offering.

Buy or Lease a Restaurant Water Dispenser

Are you thinking about renting or owning a restaurant water dispenser? While the decision is entirely up to you, each commercial water filtration system from Natura offers an environmentally-friendly alternative for dispensing clean, pure, fresh filtered water that patrons will love. Contact us today and taste the Natura difference. 

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