How Restaurant Water Filtration Systems Increase Beverage Sales

How Restaurant Water Filtration Systems Increase Beverage Sales

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If you’re wondering how to sell more beverages in your restaurant, look no further than current drink trends. One of the most recognized consumer behaviors driving change in the foodservice industry is the fact that more people are reaching for sparkling water. Since 2012, the demand for sparkling water has increased in both the U.S. and U.K., with Spain and Mexico jumping on board in recent years.

Not only are customers asking for sparkling water by name, they are also on the hunt for creative, premium drinks made with the delightfully bubbly beverage. The sparkling water drink trend has been increasing beverage sales in restaurants from San Francisco to Brooklyn and everywhere in between. 

Installing a restaurant water filtration system and sparkling water dispenser is a great, convenient way to help your staff meet this growing consumer demand. All you have to do is use the system to tap into current drink trends and give customers what they want. Here’s how a restaurant water filtration system can boost both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink sales while staying on-trend.

An Easy Way to Mix Low ABV Cocktails & Mocktails

Many restaurants are incorporating low-alcohol drinks on their cocktail menus and even offering mocktails and non-alcoholic spritzers to customers. While lower-proof drinks have been the norm for many years in certain European countries, they are starting to catch on elsewhere -- especially with millennials who are looking to live healthier lifestyles. A recent survey in the U.K. found that one in five millennials don’t drink alcohol at all, while 66 percent of this demographic say that alcohol isn’t an important part of their life. What these diners are really looking for when dining out is healthy food and drink pairings that pack on the flavor.

A restaurant water filtration system can help your staff offer delicious, low-alcohol cocktails and mocktails made with sparkling water. Low ABV and no-alcohol sparkling water drinks have been shown to increase beverage sales during the day and in the evening. Because low ABV cocktails incorporate just small amounts of alcohol, customers can drink just a little while on lunch, and even order multiple rounds later in the day without feeling too tipsy.

Have your bartenders try their hand at mixing sparkling water drinks made with low abv spirits like vermouth, sherry, and Campari. For sparkling mocktails, try adding bitters, fresh herbs, and fruit to chilled, sparkling water.

A Simple Way to Create Sparkling Craft Sodas & Soft Drinks

Soda consumption fell to a 30-year low in 2016, so it may be unsurprising that soft drinks aren’t selling in your restaurant or others. Since more people are opting for healthy, sugar-free or low-sugar beverages like flavored sparkling water, it’s more important now than ever before to give your soft drink menu a healthy facelift. While there is definite money to be made with alcohol sales, you can also boost beverage sales with soft drinks that fit your patrons’ tastes.

Think about making herbal iced teas with sparkling water, or concoct your own natural, fruit and herb-infused soda syrups in-house. You may even want to add carbonated iced coffee to your menu as this trendy drink is gaining massive traction in the foodservice industry.

Installing a restaurant water filtration system and sparkling water dispenser is a smart way to increase your revenue while giving customers exactly what they want. Whether it’s a sparkling mocktail, a craft soda, or a low ABV cocktail. After just one taste of your sparkling water drinks, your customers are sure to return for more.

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