5 Sparkling Cocktail Trends & Craft Drinks for 2018

As a restaurant owner or operator, you know that cocktail and beverage trends are constantly evolving. When you equip your restaurant with the right tools like excellent bartenders and sparkling water dispensers, your staff can stay ahead of the curve and easily create a variety of on-trend craft drinks that are as diverse as consumers’ ever-expanding tastes.

So, what’s in store for 2018 when it comes to cocktail trends for restaurants? Recommended by culinary and mixology experts, here are just some of the top 2018 cocktail trends and predictions that feature another customer favorite: sparkling water.


Low-Alcohol Cocktails

Low-ABV drinks are starting to catch on with Millennials who are looking to live healthier lifestyles. In 2018, think about offering sparkling water cocktails made with low-ABV spirits like sherry and vermouth. 

Veggie-Filled Drinks

Cocktails made with vegetable juices and purees are beginning to make an appearance on the food and beverage scene. Try adding carrot puree, cold-pressed celery juice, and a splash of sparkling water to your Bloody Mary mix for a new take on an old favorite that will keep your health-conscious patrons returning.

Sparkling Mocktails

2017 was certainly the year for mocktails, and the trend isn’t showing signs of slowing down in 2018. While customers are still drinking alcohol, they are also now shifting to non-alcoholic drinks like mocktails. When stirring up mocktails, turn your focus toward high-quality mixers, herbs, and fresh juices, then add sparkling water to create tasty, healthy concoctions.

No-Waste Cocktails

Many restaurants are trying to reduce food waste and offer customers a more eco-conscious experience. These days, excess food waste is even being used to make delicious drinks! Try mixing fruit scraps with herbs to make infused syrups for a sparkling cocktail, or even use leftover juice for cordials.

Craft Sodas

Craft sodas are taking the foodservice industry by storm as consumers demand natural drink options. Install a commercial water filtration system with a sparkling water dispenser then stock up on organic juices and herbal extracts, and create fruit-infused syrups to make signature soft drinks on-demand.

These are just a few cocktail and drink trends that your restaurant can offer by installing a sparkling water dispenser in 2018. With some creativity, the possibilities are endless for showing customers that your restaurant understands their ever changing drink tastes.


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