Sparkling Fall Cocktails & Mocktails for Your Autumn Drink Menu

Sparkling Fall Cocktails & Mocktails for Your Autumn Drink Menu

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Summer has come to an end and fall has just begun! While some of your customers may miss drinking tropical cocktails while basking in the sun on your patio, you can help them welcome sweater weather with open arms by offering these delicious, fall-inspired cocktails and mocktails. From pumpkin spice drinks, to boozy bourbon-spiked ciders, we’ve scoured the web for the best fall cocktails and nonalcoholic drinks to help you get your beverage menu fall-ready! 

Sparkling Pumpkin Spice Apple Cider

Fall just wouldn’t be complete without pumpkin spice everything! And this includes mocktails. Give your customers what they crave in the fall with this fizzy pumpkin-flavored apple cider.

Ingredients (serves 1): 

- 1 cup fresh apple cider

- 1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

- 1 tablespoon pumpkin puree

- 1/2 cup sparkling water

- Sparkling sugar

- A bowl of water


- Pour sparkling sugar onto a plate.

- Dip the rim of a drinking glass into the bowl of water, then dip it into the plate of sparkling sugar.

- Pour all ingredients into cocktail shaker, add ice, shake and pour into the prepared glass.

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Spiced Pear Collins

Pears are a juicy fall fruit that not only give baked goods autumnal flavor, but they are also perfect when “peared” with gin. Wow your customers by mixing up this ambitious, gin-based fall cocktail that has a woody sweetness, robust density, and a sour effervescence. 

Ingredients (serves 1):

For cocktail:

- 1 1⁄2 oz. gin

- 1 1⁄2 oz. pear purée (recipe below)

- 3⁄4 oz. rosemary-clove simple syrup (recipe below)

- 3⁄4 oz. lemon juice

- Sparkling water to top

- 1 sprig rosemary to garnish

For pear purée and rosemary-clove simple syrup (makes enough purée and syrup for 5 cocktails)

- 2 pears, such as Bosch or Bartlett, peeled and pitted

- 1 1⁄2 oz. lemon juice

- 1 1⁄2 tsp. fresh rosemary

- 1⁄2 cup sugar

- 1⁄2 cup water

- 1 oz. whole cloves

- 3 sprigs rosemary


For pear purée: Slice pears and combine with lemon juice and rosemary in a blender. Blend until smooth. Gently strain mixture through a fine-mesh sieve and discard any solids. You will have roughly 1 cup of purée.

Tip: If not using right away, pear purée can be frozen in an ice cube tray and then stored in an airtight container in the freezer to be used for individual cocktails in the future.

For simple syrup: Combine sugar, water, cloves, and rosemary in a saucepan over low heat. When it reaches a boil, remove from heat and let sit for 30 minutes. Strain into a jar and store in the refrigerator until use.

For the cocktail: Combine pear purée, simple syrup, lemon juice, and gin in a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake vigorously until chilled. Pour into a High Ball or Rocks glass and top with a small splash of sparkling water. Garnish with rosemary to serve.

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Apple and Pear White Sangria

This refreshing cocktail recipe makes a shareable pitcher of fall-inspired Sangria that your guests will want to gulp down again and again.


- 1 bottle Moscato wine

- 1/2 cup lemon liqueur such as Caravella

- Zest of 2 lemons

- 1/4 cup granulated sugar

- 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice (from two lemons)

- 1 Granny Smith apple, cored, halved, and thinly sliced

- 1 Bartlett pear, cored, halved, and thinly sliced

- 12 oz. of sparkling water


- Combine wine, lemon liqueur, lemon zest, and sugar in a pitcher. Stir until sugar dissolves.

- Add lemon juice, apple slices, and pear slices and mix well.

- Place pitcher in refrigerator to chill and allow flavors to blend.

- Just before serving, top off Sangria with sparkling water.

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Sparkling Vanilla Cranberry Punch

What is fall without cranberries? This fall cocktail is shareable and fuses cranberry juice with vanilla vodka, and sparkling water for a tasty Thanksgiving-inspired drink. (And it tastes much better that that wobbly, canned cranberry sauce!)


- 2 cups cranberry juice

- 1 liter sparkling water

- 4 oz vanilla vodka

- 1/4 cup sugar

- 1 orange, sliced into wedges


- In a pitcher, add the orange wedges and sugar. Muddle until all of the orange juice has been extracted.

- Add the cranberry juice and stir until the sugar is dissolved.

- Stir in the sparkling water and vanilla vodka.

- Serve over ice in cocktail glasses.

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Cinnamon Bourbon Cider Fizz

When we think of fall, the comforting scent and taste of cinnamon always comes to mind. Hard apple cider, bourbon, and warm, spicy cinnamon syrup make this fall cocktail the absolute coziest.

Tip: Swap the hard cider with a sparkling nonalcoholic cider for a delicious fall mocktail!

Ingredients (serves 1):

- 4 oz hard apple cider (use a crisp, unflavored variety)

- 1 oz bourbon (such as Bulleit)

- 1 oz cinnamon simple syrup (recipe below)

- Sparkling water to finish

- Rosemary sprig, to garnish


For cocktail:

- In a rocks glass or mason jar, combine the hard cider, bourbon, and cinnamon syrup.

- Stir to combine and add ice.

- Top with sparkling water.

- Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

For cinnamon simple syrup:

- 1/4 c raw sugar

- 1/4 c water

- 2 cinnamon sticks (or 1/2 t ground cinnamon)

Whisk together the ingredients in a small saucepan over medium-low heat. Cook until the sugar has dissolved then remove from heat and allow the cinnamon sticks to steep until the syrup has cooled, then remove them.

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The Autumn Rickey

A seasonal variation of the Bourbon Rickey, the Autumn Rickey is an easy-to-make, fall alcoholic drink that is perfect for warming up your bar patrons. This autumnal variation amplifies the sweetness of the Bourbon Rickey with the addition of maple syrup.

Ingredients (serves 1):

- 2 lime wheels

- ½ oz. maple syrup

- 1 oz. lime juice

- 1.5 oz bourbon

- Sparkling water to top it off


- Fill highball glass with lime wheels and ice.

- Pour in maple syrup, lime juice, and bourbon.

- Top off with sparkling water. Stir gently.

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 Candy Corn Co-Lada

Get your customers in the mood for Halloween with this fun, “Trick-or-Treat” take on the classic Pina Colada. The color combination in and on the glass resembles a piece of candy corn!

 Ingredients (serves 1):

- 4 oz Owl's Brew Coco-Lada mixer

- 2 oz spiced rum

- Splash of sparkling water

- Orange wedges (for garnish)

- Red sugar (for garnish)


- Rim a flute with juice from an orange wedge and dip into red sugar.

- In a shaker, shake Coco-Lada, rum and ice.

- Pour into flute and top with sparkling water.

- Garnish with an orange slice.

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These sparkling, fall-inspired cocktails and drinks are just a taste of what your staff can make with sparkling water this fall. Make it simple for bartenders to craft these and other creative, fall drinks by installing a Natura sparkling water dispenser in your restaurant, bar, or hotel.

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