Sparkling Summer Mocktails & Non-Alcoholic Spritzers to Refresh Summertime Menus

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As craft cocktails evolve and patrons’ tastes turn to healthier offerings, mocktail menus seem to be popping up all over the map. Whether customers are simply trying to better their health, are designated drivers, or just want to stay hydrated while out drinking with friends, non-alcoholic bar menus with craft mocktail offerings are helping restaurants and bars stay on top of this beverage trend.

These sophisticated, sparkling water summer mocktail recipes can be a perfect addition to your Memorial Day weekend or summertime drink menu. They’re so delicious and refreshing that your customers won’t even miss the alcohol! 

Non-Alcoholic Sangria 

Customers love cooling down in the summertime by sipping on fruit-filled sangria. While traditional sangria recipes mix red wine with lemonade, fruit, and spices, this family-friendly version incorporates passion fruit juice and a variety of delicious fruit including kiwi, lime, star fruit and orange. Adding this shareable mocktail to your restaurant’s summertime or Memorial Day drink menu will wow patrons of all ages with its beautiful presentation and refreshing, fruity flavors.


- 4 cups passion fruit juice

- 8 cups sparkling water

- 1 fresh kiwi, sliced

- 1 orange, sliced

- 1 star fruit, sliced

- 1 lime, sliced

- ½ cup fresh cranberries (use frozen if out of season)


- Fill large pitcher or carafe with ice. Add juice and sparkling water.

- Toss in the fruit slices.

- Store in refrigerator until ready to serve, or serve immediately. 

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Blueberry Mojito Mocktail

Mojitos are a go-to summertime cocktail for many patrons. And what’s not to love? They’re light, refreshing, and can keep you cool on hot summer days. While a traditional mojito is served with rum, club soda, and limes, this non-alcoholic blueberry mojito uses some of the same ingredients, but replaces rum with juicy blueberries.

Ingredients (makes 2)

- 1 cup fresh blueberries

- Handful of mint leaves

- 2 teaspoons sugar

- juice of 2 limes

- sparkling water

- crushed ice


- Puree blueberries in blender, set aside.

- In cocktail shaker, muddle leaves and sugar.

- Add lime juice and pureed blueberries. Shake well.

- Pour mixture into two tall glasses.

- Fill glasses with crushed ice.

- Top with sparkling water and stir.

- Garnish with lime wedge, blueberries, and mint sprig.

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Watermelon Mojito Mocktail 

Watermelons are truly the fruit of summertime! For a colorful, seasonal twist on the traditional mojito, try adding this non-alcoholic watermelon mojito to your bar menu.  


- 6 fresh mint leaves

- Pinch of salt

- ice cubes

- 1 ounce simple syrup

- 4 ounces watermelon puree

- 2 ounces seltzer water


- In a cocktail shaker, muddle mint leaves with a pinch of salt.

- Fill shaker a third of the way with ice.

- Add simple syrup and watermelon juice. Shake.

- Pour into glass and top with seltzer water 

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Non-Alcoholic Moscow Mule

Those ginger-lime drinks your staff serves in copper mugs are trendy for a reason: they’re refreshing and delicious! Try adding this Moscow mule mocktail recipe to your drink menu so everyone can get a taste of this trendy drink.


- 1 ounce lime juice

- ½ cup non-alcoholic ginger beer

- 1 tablespoon simple syrup

- 2 ounces sparkling water

- 3 to 5 ice cubes

- fresh ginger and lime slices for garnish


- Add ingredients to glass and stir

- Garnish with slice of lime and small slice of ginger

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Sparkling Raspberry 

This sparkling water mocktail is perfect for customers who love fresh raspberries -- and keeping things simple.

Ingredients (makes 4):

- 1 ½ cups fresh raspberries

- 1 lemon, juiced

- 3 tablespoons sugar (or agave syrup)

- 3 cups sparkling water

- fresh mint for decoration


- Place raspberries, lemon juice, and sugar into a blender; blend until smooth.

- Pour mixture into a sieve and strain to remove seeds.

- Add ice to serving glasses and fill each glass with raspberry mixture.

- Top each glass with sparkling water and stir.

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Patriotic Tonic

This non-alcoholic sparkling water recipe is eye-catching, simple, and will pack a patriotic punch on your Memorial Day weekend, or Fourth of July drink menu.


- Sparkling water

- Watermelon

- Strawberries

- Apples

- Blueberries

- Lemon juice


- Ball watermelon and apples with melon baller (one serving uses about ¼ of an apple and 3 watermelon balls).

- Squeeze lemon juice over apples to avoid browning.

- Freeze all of the fruit.

- To serve, add frozen fruit to a pitcher or cup then add sparkling water.

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Sparkling Sunrise

This mocktail version of a tequila sunrise is sure to please your customers who want all of that sunny summertime flavor, sans alcohol.


- 1 Valencia orange

- 2 tablespoons grenadine

- Ice cubes

- 1 ounce club soda/sparkling water

- Orange wedge to garnish


- Cut orange in half, set aside one wedge.

- Juice the orange.

- Strain into ice-filled tumbler.

- Tilt tumblr to side, add grenadine, and stir.

- Add club soda/sparkling water to taste.

- Garnish with orange wedge.

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Thinking about adding mocktails to your restaurant or bar drink menu? Natura’s commercial sparkling water systems and filtered water dispensers make it simple to offer these refreshing, healthy, summer mocktails on demand.

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