Sparkling Water Machines: How Do They Work?

As you sip on a tall, refreshing glass of sparkling water, you may wonder how this delightfully bubbly drink is made. This may be especially true if your business serves sparkling water from a commercial sparkling water machine.

Understanding how this fizzy beverage is created will allow you to impart your knowledge to staff, and readily answer customers’ questions about the process you use in your restaurant, bar, hotel, or office.

How is Sparkling Water Made?

Sparkling water machines dispense carbonated water on-demand by mixing carbon dioxide with still, filtered water. Here’s how the process works from beginning to end: 

 - Tap water is filtered. A top-of-the-line commercial water filtration system will filter your tap water using two carbon water filters. This process will ensure that the sparkling water you serve is pure, fresh, and free of any contaminants, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful impurities.

- Water is disinfected. The already filtered tap water will continue on to pass through a NanoCeram filter to provide total irradiation. This step reduces bacteria and virus count in your sparkling water to almost zero.

- Water is chilled to the perfect temperature. Sparkling water definitely tastes more refreshing when it’s refrigerated! A stainless steel refrigeration chamber will ensure that the sparkling water you pour into every glass stays continuously cool and delicious.

 - The “sparkle” is added. Finally, it’s time to add the bubbles! A carbonation system will mix carbon dioxide with the filtered water which is then pressurized with sensor controls. From there, you and your staff can dispense chilled, sparkling water at a constant temperature and chosen “bubble” intensity.

Filtered Sparkling Water Retains Healthy Minerals

At times, customers may ask for mineral water instead of sparkling water. Mineral water is directly sourced from mineral springs and gets its effervescent quality from naturally-occurring gases. Even so, sparkling water machines can retain beneficial minerals like calcium, zinc, and magnesium to offer customers pure, clean, water with the added health benefit of minerals. 

Sparkling Water Machines for Your Business

If you’re looking for a sparkling water machine, Natura produces a variety of water filtration systems to meet the needs of restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts, and corporate offices. Our sparkling water systems are a great, natural way to offer your customers and staff better-tasting and healthier drinking water.

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