Sparkling Water vs. Mineral Water: What's the Difference?

As you look for ways to offer sparkling water to your customers or employees, you are sure to be bombarded with a variety of options; from installing commercial sparkling water systems to stocking up on bottles of sparkling mineral water. While you may think that these bubbly water types are created equal and can be used interchangeably, it’s important to understand that sparkling water and mineral water have distinct differences when it comes to processing, taste, and how they are used.

What is Mineral Water?

Mineral water typically comes directly from the source of natural springs. While not all mineral water is “sparkling”, the bubbly varieties get their effervescence from naturally-occurring gases. After mineral water is bottled, more carbon dioxide may be added artificially by manufacturers. Because it is filled with a high number of naturally-occurring minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium, sparkling mineral water contains a distinct, yet slight mineral bite. 

Sparkling Mineral Water Uses

Before you use sparkling mineral water as a cocktail mixer, you may want to rethink your choice. Since mineral water contains flavor from minerals, it’s usually best to drink it plain. If you must use mineral water to mix a drink, it’s always better to use still mineral water instead of sparkling. Lemonades and other citrus-based drinks can often be complementary to the mineral-y taste.

What is Sparkling Water?

Filtered sparkling water, or seltzer water, is made of just two ingredients: still water and carbon dioxide. When plain water meets carbon dioxide, it becomes carbonated or “sparkling.” Because of its simplicity and pure, clean taste, you will find that sparkling water can be just as refreshing as still water -- but often, more enjoyable due to its effervescence.

What is Sparkling Water Good For?

Because sparkling water has a neutral taste, many restaurants, bars, hotels, and resorts opt to choose it over mineral water for use in drinks and recipes. While it’s just as delicious on its own, or with a twist of lime or lemon, chefs and mixologists use sparkling water to craft a variety of tasty, creative concoctions such as:

 - Sparkling cocktails

- Healthy sparkling mocktails

- Gourmet hand-crafted sodas

- Carbonated iced coffee

- Sparkling gazpacho

- Sparkling chilled desserts

- Fluffier tempura batter

- Light and airy pancakes

The Difference Between Sparkling Water & Mineral Water is Clear 

Sparkling water systems are frequently chosen over sparkling mineral water by restaurants, hotels, and other businesses to provide the safest, cleanest drinking water possible to staff and patrons. Filtered sparkling water machines work to eliminate harmful impurities found in tap water while retaining some healthy minerals -- all without sacrificing the pure, clean taste you expect from filtered water. After just one taste, your customers will clearly understand the difference!

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