7 Surprising Dehydration Statistics and Facts - Infographic

Dehydration is more common than you may think. This preventable and serious medical condition affects millions of people all around the world every day. Whether you run a restaurant, manage an office, or operate a hotel, it’s important to know the facts about dehydration to ensure that your patrons, staff, and clients stay adequately hydrated.

7 Surprising Dehydration Statistics and Facts


1) 75% of Americans are dehydrated.

Most Americans are considered chronically dehydrated. When this happens, we get used to the lack of water, so it can be difficult to tell when our bodies need to drink more.

2) The average American drinks just 2.5 cups of water daily.

On average, adults in the U.S. drink well below the Institute of Medicine’s recommended intake of 10 cups of water per day.

3) Even mild dehydration can inhibit your ability to think clearly.

Scientists say that when people drive dehydrated, they make the same number of mistakes that drivers make when under the influence of alcohol.

4) Feeling thirsty? You’re already dehydrated.

When we are dehydrated, the body's thirst response gets triggered. So, whenever you get thirsty, dehydration is already occurring.

5) Dehydration makes you sleepy.

When we’re dehydrated, our energy levels diminish. Staying adequately hydrated will keep muscles energized and ward off fatigue, moodiness, and sleepiness throughout the day.

6) You can’t survive more than a few days without water.

Water is an essential nutrient for life. Science shows us that without consuming water, human beings can only survive for a matter of days.

7) It can take just 45 minutes to rehydrate.

A study by The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that after mildly dehydrated men consumed just 2 bottles of water, it took under one hour for their bodies to function in a perfectly healthy and hydrated state.

Filtered Water Dispensers Help Prevent Dehydration

Installing a commercial filtered water dispenser in your restaurant, office, hotel, or college dining hall is an effective way to help everyone drink more water and prevent dehydration. With both still and sparkling water taps, and a high-tech water filtration process, they can provide staff, patrons, and students with a wide variety of healthy and delicious hydration options. Find the perfect commercial water filtration system to fit your needs.

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