Water Conservation Tips: How Businesses Can Save Water

Water is a necessity that has been overconsumed by businesses for quite some time. But water is a limited resource, which means if more businesses don’t do their part to conserve water, future generations will surely suffer.

With the recent droughts in California and water quality problems in Flint, more businesses are wondering how they can help combat this global concern quickly. If your business is looking to adopt better sustainability practices, don’t let water use fall by the wayside. These water conservation tips are simple to implement and will help your business conserve water right away.

7 Simple Water Conservation Tips for Businesses

1) Check for leaks.

Your business could be wasting water and not even know it if there are leaks that haven’t been attended to. Conduct a periodic shutdown of all water-using facilities and read the water meter at intervals during these shutdowns. If your meter’s dial moves, you likely have a leak somewhere on site.

2) Conduct a water audit.

A commercial water audit can help you understand just how much water you and your employees use each day. Contact your water utility company and see what types of audits they provide. Sometimes, they can offer inexpensive ways to fix leaks and often give audits for free. 

3) Install low-flow toilets.

One of the biggest culprits of water waste in businesses is the restroom. While toilets and sinks are necessities in the workplace, they don’t have to waste water. Ensure that your restrooms are more sustainable by installing low-flow toilets. If your toilets are old, they are using as much as 5 gallons during one flush! Low-flow toilets, however, use just 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Low-flow faucet fixtures should also be installed. And if showers are on site, showerheads with on-off valves can help conserve even more water.

4) Make sure employees are actively involved.

Everyone who works for you should be involved in your water conservation initiatives. While staff may not waste water intentionally, they should be made aware of how their daily habits may be wasting water. Send a company memo about your water conservation goals, host an all-hands-on seminar about water conservation, start a workplace water conservation challenge, share updates on the impact your water conservation initiatives are showing, and create awareness by posting signs about water conservation throughout the office.

5) Install a commercial water filtration system.

commercial water filtration system or countertop water dispenser is a great, eco-friendly way to keep staff, guests, and customers hydrated.

6) Reconsider your landscaping design.

Switching to sustainable landscaping can drastically reduce your business’s water needs. Replace grass with pebbles or stone steps. Choose plants that don’t need a lot of watering such as cacti or succulents. Making these small changes will allow your business to go quite a while without watering plants – and your landscaping will still look great!

7) Appoint a conservation champion.

If you’re serious about water conservation, assign someone to head your business’ water conservation program. This person can help create and implement the initiative so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Once this person is appointed and has a plan in place, think about having them publicly comment on your new sustainability goals so your community can also hold you accountable. The more people who know about your water conservation efforts, the more likely you and your staff will work to get the job done. 

These water conservation tips are just the beginning in understanding how to conserve water in your business. But if you start with these small changes, you will make a positive impact to protect the environment and this scarce necessity that we simply can’t continue to waste.

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