Water Purification Systems: Why Water Purification is Important for Businesses

If your business is located in the United States, your tap water is likely some of the safest on the planet. This is largely due to the water purification process performed at your local water treatment plant. Because water that comes from municipal water systems must constantly be tested for harmful substances and adhere to government standards, it can make tap water generally safer to consume. That said, purifying water is just one important step to serving your customers, clients, and staff members cleaner drinking water.

The Importance of Water Purification

If water is left unpurified it can wreak havoc on human health, leaving adults and children susceptible to waterborne diseases -- some of which can be severe, or even deadly. But water purification systems were invented to provide homes and businesses with a safer drinking water supply by removing harmful, disease-causing contaminants.

While water purification processes vary from locale to locale, the system used should be able to do three things:

1)    Make tap water safe to drink.

2)    Make tap water palatable.

3)    Ensure that the water supply meets the needs of the entire community.

Generally, water treatment plants use the following water purification process: 

Coagulation and Flocculation. Chemicals that contain a positive charge are added to the water to neutralize the negative charge found in dirt and other microscopic contaminants. These particles then bind with the chemicals to form larger particles (floc) which are then separated from the water.

- Sedimentation. The floc settles at the bottom of the water supply due to its heaviness.

Filtration. The clear water floating above the floc moves through various filters to remove additional dissolved contaminants.

Disinfection. Chlorine or chloramine is added to kill more bacteria and harmful germs found in the water.

While water purification systems are important when it comes to disinfecting tap water, the water is often still contaminated since the Safe Drinking Water Act regulates just 91 water contaminants out of hundreds that are found in the water supply. Plus, if your business transports water through corroded pipes, heavy metals may negatively affect your tap water and the health of those who drink it. 

Water Filtration & Water Purification Systems Offer Safer Drinking Water

Whether you manage a restaurant, bar, hotel, or corporate office, a commercial water filtration system is designed specifically to work with treated tap water. Commercial water filters work in tandem with municipal water purification systems to dispense water that is free from synthetic chemicals and other contaminants that purification simply can’t accomplish alone. Installing a water filter will ensure that any impurities found in your tap water are filtered out to further prevent illness and disease.

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