Which Water Dispenser is Right for Your Office?

Clean, fresh drinking water plays a critical role in the daily lives of your employees. Whether your staff members tend to gather in the break room to talk shop or catch up with coworkers, you can often find them huddling around the office water dispenser.

While your employees likely don’t think about the source of the water they are consuming throughout the day, you know how important it is to ensure your drinking water is sanitary and tastes great. A water dispenser for your office can help you meet these requirements and others.

Which Office Water Dispenser is Best for Me?

Choosing the right water dispenser can be tricky at first. But once you discover your office’s unique drinking water needs, you can quickly narrow down your choices. Ask yourself:

- How many people will be using this water dispenser?

- Do employees want more beverage choices? 

- Does the office need to cut back on waste?

- Do we need more storage space?

- Is my business trying to save money?

Whether you answered “yes” to all, some, or just one of these questions, an office water dispenser with either two or three taps may be an ideal solution for your business.

Office Water Dispenser with 2 Taps

 - Office size: Small to medium-volume

- Water types: Chilled still and chilled sparkling water 

Office Water Dispenser with 3 Taps

- Office size: Medium to high-volume

- Water types: Chilled still, chilled sparkling, ambient (room-temperature) water

What are the Benefits of an Office Water Dispenser?

If you’re looking for a convenient way to offer employees fresh, tasty water, an office water dispenser can be the perfect choice for your needs. Some of the many benefits of office water dispensers include:

Seamless connection to your building’s existing water line for an unlimited supply of water. Once the dispenser is installed by professionals, your drinking water will be filtered using a high-grade carbon and NanoCeram filtration process. This filtration method will remove contaminants and impurities to deliver fresh, tasty water whenever your employees need it.

A productivity booster. It has long been suggested that there is a link between dehydration and decreased cognition. Even mild dehydration has been known to suppress blood flow to the brain and reduce cognitive performance. An office water dispenser will deliver delicious drinking water on-demand to keep your employees’ blood pumping all day long, and combat the dreaded afternoon slump.

Water for every taste. An office water dispenser can help meet the diverse tastes of staff members and office guests. While some employees may like chilled, still water, others may enjoy drinking sparkling water, or even water that is room temperature. Installing a water dispenser in your office can help keep everyone happily hydrated.

Whether you own a small business, or run a large corporation, you are certain to come across a variety of ways to offer employees drinking water. While there are many products to choose from, installing a filtered water dispenser in your office can often be the right choice.

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