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Having clean, delicious drinking water in your office is a daily necessity. Natura office water machines and countertop water dispensers can make it simple for your business to keep employees and clients hydrated and happy. Office water dispensers offer convenience and the option for enjoying chilled sparkling, still, or ambient water at any time of day.

Natura Office Water Dispenser Features

- Chilled still, chilled sparkling, and still ambient water

- Elegant, chrome-plated and stainless steel design

- Remote chiller

- High-grade, long-lasting carbon filters

- 3-step advanced filtration process

- Options for small, medium, and high-volume offices

- Eco-friendly alternative to bottled water

3-Tap Countertop Office Water Dispenser

Office Water Dispensers Offer Big Benefits

While you may have been buying bottled or jugged water for years, switching to a water dispenser in your office can provide the following benefits that traditional water coolers and bottled water simply can’t offer:

- Cleaner, Safer Drinking Water: Water dispensers offer employees and guests the purest, and best-tasting drinking water. The high-tech carbon water filtration process used in our office water filter systems will eliminate harmful contaminants, bacteria, and chemicals that are typically found in purified bottled water.

- Better Employees: Healthier drinking water means healthier employees. Office water dispensers can help ward off illness -- and even make staff more productive.

- No Storage Needed: Office water dispensers connect directly into your building’s water supply, alleviating the need to store bottles or jugs of water. You can instead use the extra storage space for more important things.

- Unlimited Supply of Water: Because point-of-use filtered water dispensers use your office tap water system, you will have an endless supply of clean water.

- Convenient: If you’re looking for convenience, look no further than a water dispenser. You will never have to wait for water delivery, or spend your time lifting heavy water jugs.

- Sustainable: No plastic bottles means less plastic waste ending up in landfills and oceans. It also means reducing fossil fuel emissions by alleviating the need for water shipments.

- Cost-Saving: Water dispensers in the office can save your business money. You will reap the rewards in no time from saving on water delivery fees, shipping costs,  and packaging materials that come along with bottled water.

Water Dispensers for Every Office

Our selection of office water dispensers and filtered water coolers are the perfect solution for businesses large and small. Whether you employ 10 people or 100, Natura has filtered water dispenser options for offices of all sizes. If your team is small, our 2-tap office water dispenser is an ideal product that offers chilled sparkling and still water. And if you work in a medium to large-volume office, consider our 3-tap countertop water machine that dispenses chilled, sparkling, flat, and room temperature water.

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