Water Filtration Systems for Colleges & Universities

Purity, Sustainability, and Hydration for Higher Ed

Water Filtration Systems for Colleges and Universities

Higher education institutions must provide all students with accessible, clean drinking water. Many colleges and universities across America are swapping bottled water in favor of point-of-use water filtration systems to ensure that the drinking water they are offering students is clean, safe, healthy, sustainable, and more affordable.

Whether you are a small community college, or a larger four-year university, campuses of every size can benefit from switching to a high-capacity water filtration system.

Accessible Drinking Water for Every Student 

When you place water dispensers on your college campus, students can stay hydrated throughout the day. You will never have to worry about late shipments of bottled water, or restocking the coolers in the campus dining hall. Because water filtration systems work with your campus tap water, all students and staff can access an endless supply of clean water. These high-capacity systems are ideal appliances for even the busiest areas of campus such as dining halls, dormitories, and staff offices.

Eco-Friendly Solution for College and University Campuses

Switching to filtered water dispensers can play a key role in helping your college or university achieve its goal of becoming a more sustainable institution. Water filtration systems and sparkling water dispensers reduce waste produced by traditional bottled water providers, and work to lessen your carbon impact by eliminating the need for shipping, storage, and recycling. 

Sparkling Water: A Healthy Alternative to Soda

Many students and staff members are looking for healthier drink options, and water filtration systems can help them kick unhealthy soft drinks to the curb. Not only do water dispensers allow students to fill their reusable water bottles with chilled still water, they also offer chilled, sparkling water -- the perfect, healthy alternative to sugary soda.

Pure Water Means a Healthier Campus

Water filtration systems greatly reduce the number of toxic chemicals and harmful substances found in tap water and bottled water. When students and staff drink clean, filtered water from a water dispenser, it will help keep their bodies healthy, prevent disease, and even stop the spread of illness. 

The Best Water Filtration Systems for College Campuses

Natura water filtration systems and carbonated water dispensers use a patented three-step water filtration process to remove contaminants, heavy metals, bacteria and other pollutants. Natura’s stainless steel refrigeration chamber enables maximum hygiene to ensure that the water your students and staff drink is the freshest, cleanest, best-tasting water they will ever consume. Taste the Natura difference on your campus today!

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