With Natura we can offer a naturally better tasting water. One that saves us two vital elements: space and money.

Rick Laakkonen

3-Star Chef, formerly of River Cafe, Tao


We want to ensure an ultimate guest experience in every component. Choosing Natura as our water ensures a healthier, better-tasting product – and one in tune with our environmental objectives.

The Peninsula, Chicago


In our drive toward a greener future, supplying Natura Water for our customers and workforce is a significant – and very refreshing – move.

Mercedes Benz

With Natura, we can literally purify water on the premises as part of our commitment to the environment – something that employees and clients alike can appreciate.

Top worldwide Financial Institution

"We cut our bottled water purchasing in half and we’re eliminating the use of 10,000 disposable bottles on campus each year!"

Edgewood College has a commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability that resonates deeply at the College, a legacy begun by the native people who first cared for this 55 acre campus on the shore of Lake Wingra.

The College uses an eco-friendly Natura Water system which enables them to purify and bottle fresh Still and Sparkling Natura water for immediate consumption. Students purchase a re-usable bottle which gives them access to fresh Still and Sparkling Natura Water with unlimited refills.

In the first year, Edgewood cut their bottled water purchasing in half. And, in keeping with their green commitment, they are keeping more than 10,000 bottles a year out of landfills.

Gregory Heintz

Dining Services Director, Edgewood College

Patriarch Partners Lynn Tilton
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