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Restaurant Water Filtration Systems & Water Dispensers

As a restaurant owner or manager, you seek to provide your patrons with quality food and drink. Your customers deserve the best experience; from the moment they sit down for water service, to their very last bite of dessert. Installing a Natura® restaurant water dispenser is a simple way to provide healthy, delicious drinking and cooking water that meets customer expectations and ensures success.  

Natura Restaurant Water Dispensers Offer the Cleanest, Best-Tasting Water

Restaurant Water Dispenser and Filtration System The Natura system works to significantly reduce contaminants in your restaurant’s tap water such as heavy metals, pesticides, mercury, lead, and arsenic. Chlorine, bad tastes, and smells that come from the tap and some brands of bottled water are also eliminated. The best part is that healthy minerals like calcium, zinc, and magnesium are retained. After just one taste, you’ll understand that Natura restaurant water filtration systems are superior to other water filter and dispenser options. 

 Natura Restaurant Water Dispenser Features

- Offers endless supply of water perfect for any taste: one dispenser allows you to choose

from chilled still, chilled sparkling, and still ambient water

- Options for medium and high-volume restaurants

- Allows staff to quickly fill glasses, luxury glass bottles, or carafes for seamless, elegant water service

- Cost-effective option whether you decide to rent or buy a restaurant water dispenser

- Space-saving, modern stainless steel design - perfect for restaurant kitchens and service stations

- 3-step advanced water filtration process

- Provides total irradiation to reduce bacteria and virus count to almost zero - including the

elimination of E.Coli and coliform bacteria

- Retains healthy, thirst-quenching minerals for delicious, nutritious water

- Improves the overall taste and smell of drinking and cooking water

- Eco-friendly alternative to bottled water

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