Eco-Friendly Companies - Natura Water Customers

Natura Water customers share the love for our commercial water filtration systems
that help them commit to more eco-friendly business practices.


With Naatura we can offer a naturally better tasting water. One that saves us two vital elements: space and money.

Rick Laakkonen

3-Star Chef, formerly of River Cafe, Tao


We want to ensure an ultimate guest experience in every component. Choosing Natura as our water ensures a healthier, better-tasting product – and one in tune with our environmental objectives.

The Peninsula, Chicago


In our drive toward a greener future, supplying Natura Water for our customers and workforce is a significant – and very refreshing – move.

Mercedes Benz

With Natura, we can literally purify water on the premises as part of our commitment to the environment – something that employees and clients alike can appreciate.

Top worldwide Financial Institution

Gregory Heintz

Dining Services Director, Edgewood College

Patriarch Partners Lynn Tilton
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