Operation Water Pollution – Part 5

Alternatives to Bottled Water
There are many ways that the individual person can make a difference in terms of bottled water. Here are some ideas that you can consider.

  • By a reusable water bottle. The reusable bottles will cut down on the amount of plastic bottles going to the landfill and/or ocean every year.
  • Drink tap water. Most cities have safe tap water so buy a reusable water bottle and keep filling it with tap water.
  • If you do buy a plastic water bottle, reuse it or recycle it. Last year the California Department of Conservation estimated that nine out of ten bottles are not recycled and that there were one billion bottles ending up in the garbage. Those bottles could have been recycled into 74 million square feet of carpet or 16 million fleece sweaters!
  • If you drink bottled water for health reasons, consider installing a reverse osmosis water filter in your home instead. The money you spend in buying the filter will be worth the money you save every day by not buying bottled water.
  • If you are concerned about the tap water in your community, get together with the other residents and work with the city to improve how the water is treated.
  • Petition the federal government to increase funding for safe drinking water across the country and especially in rural and First Nations communities.
  • Work with water organizations to promotes the importance of safe drinking water and the need to protect your community’s water source as a way of ensuring high quality drinking water for future generations.

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