PRESS RELEASE: Edgewood College, Madison, WI

Edgewood College cut their bottled water purchasing in half
AND is removing 10,000/bottles a year from land lls!

The first college or university in Wisconsin to be accepted into Wisconsin’s Green Tier Program, a state initiative that encourages institutions and businesses to go beyond current rules and regulations to reduce their impact on the environment. Edgewood College has a commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability that resonates deeply at the College, a legacy begun by the native people who rst cared for this 55 acre campus on the shore of Lake Wingra.

As part of the College’s Green Tier contributions, Edgewood College made the decision to go bottleless in early 2009. In August of that year, Natura Water installed a Natura Water ltration/puri cation Model D2 system, offering freshly bottled Still and Sparking Natura Water, in the Main Dining Hall (the largest of the two dining options on campus.) “We wanted students to make a choice and see if they gure it out (regarding the green bene ts,)” stated Gregory Heintz, Dining Services Director at Edgewood College.

Did faculty and staff respond? First year results proved to cut their bottled water sales in half, thus eliminating as many as 10,000 disposable bottles from hitting land lls. A huge success for the effort, and although the priority was to deliver eco-friendly solutions, cost and pro t were still a large factor for the Dining Services operations. Heintz noted that, although the amount of bottled water products sold were signi cantly decreased, actual sales dollars were not affected. Upon implementation, the Dining Hall was met with faculty and student resistance to the “charge-by-glass” approach at $.75 per glass. In immediate response, Heintz made the decision to sell Natura Water Sports Bottles for $39.99, and offered unlimited Still and Sparkling Natura Water re lls. First year bottle sales conclude that the majority of residents living on campus, required to be on meal plans, have purchased the bottles to enjoy the perks of unlimited Still and Sparkling Natura Water. The pro ts from these sales have more than covered rental costs for the Natura Water system.

Currently, Edgewood College is projecting conservative sales of 120 bottles annually and the Dining Services team is looking forward to continuing the elimination of 10,000 bottles per year from being disposed of.

Since 1927, students have enjoyed great opportunities for learning in and out of the classroom at Edgewood College. This independent liberal arts college in Madison, Wisconsin notes enrollments of 2,400 (graduate and under graduate) with a low student to faculty ratio of 13 to 1. Noting small class sizes, more than 50% of full-time faculty with Ph.D. or Terminal Degrees and a wide variety of more than 60 Major Academic Programs and 40 Minors, the College also offers Athletics, NCAA Division III and Northern Athletics Conference (NAC), Student Organizations, Internship Opportunities and Study Abroad Programs.