10 Environmentally-Friendly Business Tips

10 Environmentally-Friendly Business Tips

It takes a lot of resources to power a business. Consequently, waste and inefficient use can add up quickly. Increasingly, business owners are aware of both the wasted resources and the environmental cost of inaction and are making great strides to reduce their carbon footprint. Here are a few tips to get you started on your own path to ecological efficiency.

1.) Conduct a water audit.
A commercial water audit can help you understand just how much water you and your employees use each day. Contact your water utility company and see what types of audits they provide. They often give audits for free and can make recommendations on more efficient water usage. Account for all water expenses, including wasteful single-use water bottles, increasingly banned for their centuries-long degradation timeline.

2.) Install low-flow toilets.
One of the biggest culprits of water waste in businesses is the restroom. Ensure restrooms are more sustainable by installing low-flow toilets. If your toilets are old, they are using as much as 5 gallons during one flush! Low-flow toilets, however, use just 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Low-flow faucet fixtures can also be installed.

3.) Make sure employees are actively involved.
Everyone who works for you should be involved in your conservation initiatives. While staff may not waste resources intentionally, they should be made aware of how their daily habits may be causing waste. Send a company memo about your water reduction goals, host an all-hands-on seminar about sustainability, start a workplace sustainability challenge, share updates on the impact your initiatives are showing, and create awareness by posting signs throughout the office.

4.) Install a commercial water filtration system.
Plastic bottle waste is a huge issue in offices and their high cost makes every meeting tantamount to going out to lunch! Ban the bottle movements are sweeping the country and nearly every businessperson knows by now that filtered sparkling water, flat water, and carbonated water dispensing systems eliminate this landfill nightmare. Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as eco-friendly bottled water. The single use bottles are just convenient expenses that need to be replaced with cost-saving commercial water dispensers—ideal for conference room water dispensing or office water dispensing—delivering cool still / sparking water to guests. An office drinking water dispenser is an ideal drinking water option for any business that wants to protect the environment. Not only can an eco-friendly water filtration system help your business reduce air and water pollution, it can also provide a cleaner, healthier drinking water solution for your office. The high-tech water filtration and disinfection process works to remove unwanted particles, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants to help you offer your staff and clients healthier, better-tasting water.

5.) Appoint a conservation champion.
This person can help create and implement the initiative so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Have them publicly comment on your new sustainability goals so your community can also hold you accountable. The more people who know about your water conservation efforts, the more likely you and your staff will work to get the job done. This person can truly account for bad choices. Imagine knowing how much bottled water was served in conference meetings each month. Most businesses, in this case, find a water dispensing system to be an almost immediate cost reduction that’s also great for the environment.

6.) Conserve Power
Offices tend to use a lot of energy – from lighting, to computers, and other digital devices. One of the easiest ways to lessen your carbon footprint is to have office staff cut back on their power output. Simply setting computers to “energy-saving” settings and having employees shut down computers and other electronics at the end of the day can save some serious electricity.

7.) Encourage Recycling
Recycling starts with waste elimination. Reducing single-use food and drink bottles and buying office supplies in bulk to eliminate packaging and carton waste are just two fast ways companies can both save money while reducing the NEED to recycle. Then, of course, get to recycling! Recycling is a simple, effective, and inexpensive way for everyone in the office to go green. Place larger recycling bins in the breakroom or office kitchen and encourage your staff to recycle aluminum, glass, plastic, paper, and other recyclable items that your city will take. You may even want to think about setting up another recycling bin in the office supply room or closet to properly dispose of ink cartridges, batteries, and more.

8.) Cut Back on Paper Waste
The more documents your office can digitize, the less paper products will be used and wasted. Instead of having your employees print documents for meetings or for clients, provide them with flash drives so they can save files and easily email clients what they need, or access their notes for meetings from any computer. There are so many ways that your office can digitize its work, so conduct a brainstorming session with employees to see how else you can cut back on paper waste, then follow through accordingly.

9.) Use Green Products Whenever Possible
If it’s time to reorder office supplies and cleaning products, consider purchasing pens and pencils that are made of recycled materials—or even trade disposable pens for refillable ones. Encourage (or even give away) reusable water bottles. You may even wish to opt for biodegradable soap and swap paper towels for cloth. While purchasing some paper products will likely be needed, always buy recycled paper and envelopes. And if buying in bulk is an option, do it! Bulk purchases will cut down on packaging waste, carbon emissions, and shipping costs.

10.) Donate or Repurpose
When it’s time to upgrade office furniture or other large pieces, consider donating them or finding a creative way to reuse. If you must buy new, look into repurposed or recycled. It’s kinder to the environment and often costs less, too.

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5 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Eco-Friendly

5 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Eco-Friendly

Millennials and younger consumers care more about sustainable business practices than ever. In fact, a recent Nielsen* online study found that Millennials are most willing to shell out extra money for sustainable offerings! Consequently, eco-conscious Millennials are avoiding restaurants and companies that fail to adopt more green business practices or minimize the damage their operations do to the environment. How would your restaurant score in terms of sustainability? Keep reading for our five ways to make your restaurant more eco-friendly:

1.) Ditch plastic straws
From Seattle to San Francisco to Milwaukee – major cities across the country are continuing to institute a plastic straw ban. Even Starbucks plans to phase out plastic straws by 2020, and there are countless other foodservice establishments who are joining them in this environmental milestone – why not join in the movement? Have paper straws on hand in case a customer asks for one, they’ll only cost you a penny more and will keep pesky plastic out of our oceans.

2.) Opt for paper products
Getting rid of any Styrofoam to-go boxes or containers, especially if you do a lot of take-out business, can have a hugely positive impact on the environment. Styrofoam is non-recyclable and replacing it with a more eco-friendly option can be a crucial step in reducing the carbon footprint of your business. Cardboard and paper containers work just as well, and they will ultimately decompose.

3.) Compost to reduce food waste
36 million tons of food waste ends up in landfills each year. If you’re in the restaurant business you see firsthand how much food is left uneaten and thrown away daily, so why not put your scraps to good use by composting! Composting (or food waste recycling) means taking any food waste and breaking it down in dirt to enrich soil. This will generate a more positive perception of your brand to guests and will greatly lower your businesses’ environmental impact on landfills.

4.) Invest in energy-saving appliances
It’s easy for a restaurant to rack up costs when it comes to electricity, but investing in more energy efficient equipment will pay off in the long-run. Consider low flush toilets and make sure all POS systems, lights, and ovens are turned off when closing each night. The addition of an energy-efficient Natura Sparkling Water Machine will also save your business money and will align your business with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards.

5.) Reduce water waste
Restaurants use a lot of water. Between cooking, dishwashing, serving guests, and clean up—your water bill could take a good chunk out of your monthly budget. Avoiding unnecessary water use should be at the forefront of every restaurant owner’s mind and it’s a relatively easy way to further sustainability efforts. Installing a point-of-use restaurant water filtration system in your kitchen will allow your back-of-house staff to dispense the perfect amount of clean, filtered, and sparkling water for cooking and drinking.

Jump-start your restaurants’ sustainability efforts today! Learn more about Natura commercial water filtration for your foodservice establishment here.


Five Reasons Your Restaurant Should Consider Investing in a Commercial Filtered Water System

Five Reasons Your Restaurant Should Consider Investing in a Commercial Filtered Water System

Water plays a huge role in the restaurant industry. Eateries cook with it, boil pasta in it, mix drinks with it, and serve it at their tables. And it plays more of a role in consistency and flavor of your food than you might think.

The taste and quality of the drinking water you serve matters to customers. Have you ever had a glass of water in a state or country other than your own? Did it taste different or maybe “weird” to you? Did you worry it might not be safe? Installing a commercial filtered water system is a simple way to ensure you’re serving pure, refreshing, and delicious water to your patrons—and it will also ensure your signature dishes have consistent flavor. Not to mention that you’ll have an endless supply of both still and sparkling water!

Let’s boil down the five reasons why commercial water filtration is well worth the investment:

1.) Reduce Plastic Waste 
The addition of a filtered water machine will align your establishment with the sustainability movement and appeal to eco-conscious millennials! Once you install a filtered water machine, opt for reusable glass bottles (you can purchase Natura’s luxury glass bottles here) instead of plastic or single-use bottles. Reusable glass bottles or decanters not only elevate your table service, they reduce your establishment’s carbon footprint and eliminate the waste packaging associated with single-use bottles! 

2.) Filter Out Harmful Impurities 
If you’re serving patrons unfiltered tap water, especially in a restaurant that has old plumbing, it could mean they’re consuming lead and other harmful waterborne pathogens. A commercial water filtration system will significantly reduce contaminants and give you peace of mind in case a customer asks, “Is your water filtered?” Natura’s three-filter system will turn your tap water into delicious, refreshing, and most importantly, safe drinking water! 

3.) Shake Up Your Drink Menu 
Once your establishment has an endless supply of effervescent, sparkling water, don’t be afraid to get creative with your cocktail menu! Change it up seasonally to always offer something new and exciting—which attracts customers and gives regulars a reason to keep coming back. Hard seltzers are even outselling some domestic beers, and a sparkling water machine will ensure you never run out of the essential main ingredient for drink recipes! 

4.) Improve Work Efficiency 
Customer satisfaction is the number one goal in the service industry, but it’s not always the easiest to achieve—especially if a server is tasked with taking care of a large number of guests. Instead of filling dozens of water glasses during these rushes, anticipate the need with pre-filled glass water bottles on the table! This not only increases staff productivity but also gives patrons an enhanced dining experience. Adding the option of sparkling water makes it easy to upsell, to even your regular customers. 

5.) Save Your Business Money 
A commercial filtered water system isn’t just a luxury item; it can pay for itself with money saved. You’ll get bottled-water quality straight from your tap, which will end up saving you thousands of dollars over time. With a Natura commercial filtered water system, your restaurant will always have an ample supply of pure, fresh still and sparkling water for significantly less investment!

Find out how to order a Natura filtered water system for your restaurant here.

What’s the True Cost of Bottled Water?

What’s the True Cost of Bottled Water?

It’s great that we’re drinking more water. The health benefits are plentiful, from reducing fatigue to promoting more efficient organ function to contributing to better skin. However, getting that water from a single-use plastic bottle can cause financial and environmental harm that ends up offsetting much of the good.


What is the true cost of a bottle of water? In strict financial terms, using the estimate that a 20 oz. bottle sells for $1.50, that adds up to water costing $9.60 per gallon. Imagine if gasoline cost $9.60 per gallon. There would be protests in the streets!


This is why it makes sense for businesses to capitalize on the tap water they’re already paying for—at pennies a serving—by using a commercial water dispenser. Filtration, chilling, and the addition of CO2 makes ordinary tap water suddenly a high-end, sparkling specialty. It’s also far less expensive than bottled water.


Now consider the environmental cost of plastic bottles. It’s estimated that only 20% of water bottles are recycled and US landfills are full of nearly 2 million tons of discarded bottles. Virtually none of that plastic is biodegradable in any meaningful way, meaning it will be around for decades, and perhaps centuries. Also, did you know that 10% of discarded plastic ends up in oceans? By 2050 there could be more plastic in the oceans than fish.


Also consider that most of the price a bottle of water goes for its bottling, packaging, shipping, marketing, and retail market. Shipping, whether by boat, truck, or train, involves burning massive quantities of fossil fuels. More than 5 trillion gallons of bottled water is shipped internationally each year.


Plus, it takes three liters of water to package a single liter of bottled water for human consumption. This additional amount is used throughout collection, manufacturing, and transport. It’s incredible wasteful.


The simplest, least expensive answer is to stop purchasing single-use plastic water bottles and start using that “homegrown” water that’s piped directly into your home or business. Installing an eco-friendly filtered water machine is a convenient, low-maintenance, safe option for more sustainable drinking water! Customers and/or employees will have an endless supply of still or chilled sparkling water and you won’t have to keep wasting money and harming the environment by stocking the breakroom fridge with plastic water bottles.

Find out more about a Natura water machine. 

Trend Watch: Campus Sparkling Water Stations

Trend Watch: Campus Sparkling Water Stations

Colleges are in incubator of new ideas, which is why college students are often at the forefront of social changes. Their questioning nature, hopeful enthusiasm, and high energy can lead to movements that begin by asking “why not?” Such is the case with the drive to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles.

Young people were among the first to embrace the trend, understanding that carrying a reusable, refillable bottle made better earth sense than throwing out a bottle or can every time you’d satisfied a thirst. When some campuses didn’t respond quickly enough, it lead to a demand. A demand that refilling their reusable bottles be easier to do, which greater access to refilling stations, more of them, and even campus-wide bans on single-serve containers.

Universities across the U.S. have gotten on board, phasing out or completely eliminating disposable bottles from cafeterias, vending machines, and other foodservice locations on campus.

Sparkling water machine stations are the next frontier in the evolution of the bottleless campus. Sparkling water consumption is booming, much of it driven by college-aged consumers. They prefer it to traditional sugary sodas, appreciating the health benefits of limiting unnecessary calories.

Providing stations where students can find sustainable forms of hydration void of packaging waste is essential. Natura® offers a premium, environmentally friendly solution for students to access chilled still or sparkling water instead of sugary, caffeinated beverages.

It’s easy to incorporate Natura into a campus-wide bottle refill program. Students and faculty alike will appreciate the opportunity to refill their bottles with some of the best water on earth. It’s a delicious was to support campus sustainability goals—and set an example for the future.

Find out more about how easy it is to join the campus revolution with a Natura water machine.

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Despite the fact that tap water is almost always available for drinking - 1,500 plastic water bottles are being used every second in the United States. Everyone knows plastic water bottles are bad for the environment, but it’s rapidly grown into a pollution epidemic. The good news is that recent years have seen a slight turn away from plastics. The bad news is, if we don’t take more drastic measures, by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in our oceans. If that reason isn’t important enough for you to swear off plastic water bottles, we’re going to breakdown four serious ways they’re impacting our environment:

1.) 38 Billion Water Bottles End Up in Landfills

That’s over two million tons and each of these bottles takes over a thousand years to decompose, leaking dangerous and harmful chemicals during the process. Studies show that these toxins leach into our environment and can cause cancer and reproductive problems.

2.) 10% Of All Plastic Manufactured Ends Up in the Ocean

Plastic water bottles are the fifth most commonly found trash item on coastlines and the plastic waste that ends up in the ocean kills over one million marine creatures each year. In fact, every square mile of the ocean has more than 46,000 pieces of floating plastic in it.

3.) Bottling Water Releases 2.5 Million Tons of Carbon Dioxide into the Atmosphere Each Year

This is the same amount of carbon dioxide that would be emitted by over 400,000 cars in one year. Also, the manufacture of just one pound of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic can produce up to three pounds of carbon dioxide.

4.) Air Pollution is an Ongoing By-Product of Plastic Water Bottle Manufacturing

As stated above, plastic water bottles are made from PET polymer and toxic pollutants like styrene, butadiene, and methanol are released into the air during its production. According to the EPA, these chemicals are known for causing cancer and other serious health effects. So … how can you help? The simplest answer is to stop purchasing single-use plastic water bottles - and if you’re a business owner who wants to reduce your carbon footprint, installing an eco-friendly filtered water machine is a convenient, low-maintenance, safe option for more sustainable drinking water! Your employees will have an endless supply of still or chilled sparkling water and you won’t have to keep wasting money and harming the environment by stocking the breakroom fridge with plastic water bottles.

Interested in furthering your offices’ sustainability efforts with a Natura Water system? Contact us for more information.

NYC H2O: Even the World’s Best Water Can Use a Filtered Water System

NYC H2O: Even the World’s Best Water Can Use a Filtered Water System

New York City’s municipal water supply is considered a crown jewel of major metropolitan water systems—not just in America, but throughout the world. Each day, it supplies approximately 1 billion gallons of fresh water to nearly 10 million residents. Its quality is in such demand, that the NYC water system also supplies water to nearly half the state of New York.

New York is also a city rich in history, with much of its residential building stock dating to the early 20th century. A significant portion of New York City buildings were constructed prior to lead plumbing standards being enacted in 1986. You can see where this is going. Even a mighty city like New York, with its world-renowned water system, is not immune to the problem of lead—and other contaminants—in its drinking water.

And here’s why. While the quality of the water coming out of the treatment plant is important, it’s the quality coming out of the tap that really matters. Each year, an average of 6% of water samples in the city come back positive for lead in excess of the 15 parts per billion allowed by the EPA. Some are many thousands of times over the limit. The blame almost exclusively belongs to the pipes, fittings, and fixtures in these older buildings. It is because of this that the business owners and residents of New York City should not consider themselves immune from the need for commercial filtered water systems.

For example, a Natura water system uses a patented three-stage filtration process to eliminate impurities—including lead—while retaining healthy, thirst-quenching minerals. Protection includes two high-grade, long-lasting carbon filters, a 0.5 micron high-flow carbon filter, and the world’s only total irradiation filtration system that reduces bacteria and virus count to almost zero.

Even the best water in the world is susceptible to lead and other contamination present in the pipes of older buildings. A filtered water system reduces the threat and restores of peace of mind.

Find out more about how to get your own Natura Water System.

America’s Obsession with Hard Seltzers Shows no Signs of Slowing Down

America’s Obsession with Hard Seltzers Shows no Signs of Slowing Down

There’s no doubt about it – the official drink of summer 2019 was spiked seltzer. You couldn’t go to the beach, the pool, or a barbeque without them being cracked open everywhere. The drink is essentially carbonated sparkling water spiked with 5% alcohol by volume, and it’s gained a cult following by millennials for its low carb, calorie, and sugar count.

Sales of the canned fizzy beverages from brands like White Claw, Truly and Bon & Viv have been booming – even Pabst Blue Ribbon and Natural Light are releasing their own hard seltzers! Sales of the fruity drinks grew 166% in 2018, while craft beer sales grew by just 4% last year, according to Nielsen.

So, what’s in a hard seltzer? Obviously, it’s made with a blend of seltzer water and usually a hint of fruit flavor, but it’s actually classified as a flavored malt beverage. Instead of worrying about whether or not your bar can keep up with demand as these cans keep flying off the shelves, why not offer customers something more gourmet than just another canned malt beverage? Not to mention the drastic amount of waste your establishment will cut back on after you stop relying on single-use cans of hard seltzer (which usually don’t get recycled) – Natura is the more sustainable and environmentally responsible choice!

Investing in a Natura Filtered Sparkling Water Machine for your bar or restaurant provides you with a seemingly endless supply of “gourmet,” chilled sparkling water so you can craft your own unique hard seltzers! For bartenders, it’s easy: Just take 1.5 oz of a clear spirit (like vodka) and mix with into a highball glass of chilled Natura sparkling water. From there, don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors! Add in a splash of black cherry, or cranberry juice and garnish with lime – or get creative and add in your own herb-infused or fresh-fruit simple syrups.

Give your patrons something they could never get out of a can, made even better with Natura’s triple-filtered, delicious sparkling water! Find out more about how to get your own Natura Water System for your restaurant or bar here.

Find out more about how to get your own Natura Water System.

4 Ways a Natura Sparkling Water System Can Revolutionize Beverage Service in your Office

4 Ways a Natura Sparkling Water System Can Revolutionize Beverage Service in your Office

Now more than ever, Americans are reaching for healthier beverages like sparkling water over soft drinks and sugary sodas to wet their whistle – even during the workday! Why not give your employees an unlimited supply of what they’re thirsty for and invest in a filtered sparkling water machine for your office? Check out the many ways this often underestimated addition can positively impact your business:

1.) Adds an upscale vibe. In addition to convenience, a Natura system can revolutionize beverage service in the workplace and instantly adds an air of class and sophistication to any office, conference or break room. Our elegant and sleek stainless steel filtered water machines deliver triple-filtered, chilled still and sparkling water that will give your firm an edge above the rest and leave a lasting impression on employees and guests alike!
2.) Patented three-stage filtration. Natura systems weren’t just designed to look pretty – they’re engineered to transform plumbed water into “gourmet water.” Our water-dispensing equipment has evolved into a multifaceted beverage system that filters, disinfects, refrigerates, and carbonates water until it’s worthy of the Natura name! It Returns water to the way nature intended and improves the overall taste and smell.
3.) The greenest water on the planet. Installing a Natura sparkling water machine sends a company-wide message that not only do you care about the health and well-being of your staff, you care about the environment as well. As one of the only eco-friendly water solutions on the market today, Natura will help your business save energy, and reduce water waste and overall carbon impact! There’s truly not a more cost-effective or sustainable way to provide your workforce with ample chilled sparkling water.
4.) Freedom to get creative. Once you have an unlimited of supply of delicious and refreshing filtered water in your office, the healthy beverage possibilities are seemingly endless! Consider offering staff fresh lemon/lime wedges, berries in ice, or even create trendy fruit-infused water with the help of Natura’s luxury glass bottles. We can deliver sumptuous hydration to your business that’s in line with the healthy and sustainable choices people demand.

Interested in never running out of sparkling water in your office? Head here.

How Investing in a Commercial Filtered Water Machine Can Affect Your Restaurant’s Brand

How Investing in a Commercial Filtered Water Machine Can Affect Your Restaurant’s Brand

A versatile commercial filtered water machine does more than dispense still and sparkling water, it can enhance the brand value of your restaurant. How? By aligning your establishment with the sustainability movement, speeding up service for a more pleasant patron experience, and attracting return visits with seasonal beverage capabilities.

Sustainability Improves Customer Loyalty

Today’s eco-conscious consumers seek out sustainability wherever they can find it, even in their choice of restaurants. When your establishment applies green practices, your values will align with many of your customers’ ideals, which can lead to a number of loyal brand advocates who want to see your business grow.

Harvard Business Review says that 64 percent of consumers remain loyal to brands that share their personal values. So, if your restaurant has a filtered water machine, your eco-conscious customers will likely return, and also be more apt to refer friends and family.

Increase Speed of Water Service

When the lunch or dinner rush occurs, the influx of activity can make it difficult for staff to serve drinks in a timely manner. Choosing a 3-tap water dispenser for your restaurant is a great way to quickly offer customers chilled sparkling, chilled still, and ambient water. Because these systems can dispense up to 80 liters of water per hour, they will ensure that every customer is served water quickly, efficiently, and without delay.

A user-friendly, 3-tap filtered water dispenser will ensure that your customers have the option of filling up their own glasses with water they most enjoy. Because the systems are so easy to use, kids and adults alike can help themselves to chilled sparkling, chilled still, and ambient water. And with their sleek, chrome-plated and stainless steel designs, filtered water dispensers create a more upscale ambiance in even the most casual of restaurant concepts.

How Seasonal Drinks Impact Business

Every new season brings a prime opportunity to adjust your drink menu. According to Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics, 39% of consumers aged 18-34 said that their favorite drink flavors change along with the seasons. Additionally, 69% of millennials are more likely to buy seasonal items. So, give your customers what they want in the summertime: tropical cocktails and sparkling summer mocktails.

When the leaves start to change, pumpkin ciders and spiced fall cocktails are always a go-to. In the wintertime, festive hot drinks can bring a sense of comfort and joy to every patron and increase sales through the holidays. And as a bonus for your bottom line: every season brings with it the chance to purchase seasonal fruits, herbs, and flavors that may be more expensive during out-of-season months.

Installing a restaurant filtered water dispenser is a smart, effective solution for offering every customer enhanced water service that will make them want to return for more. Whether you operate a fine dining establishment, family restaurant, or a fast-casual concept, your customers are sure to appreciate the quality and efficiency that only a filtered water dispenser can offer.

Find out more about how to get your own Natura Water System.