Five Ways a Water Dispensing System can Save Your Business Money in 2020

Five Ways a Water Dispensing System can Save Your Business Money in 2020

It’s a question all business owners ask themselves, “how can we increase profit and minimize spending?” Did you know the answer could be as simple as investing in an office filtered water dispenser - it’s true! Many just write off a filtered water machine as an expensive luxury item, but it truly can lower the operating costs of your business…all while providing employees with seemingly endless, triple-filtered still and sparkling water on tap! Keep reading to learn five ways a water dispensing system can save your business money this year:

1.) Reduce Spending on Single-Use Water Bottles
That’s right – you’ll never have to restock your breakroom refrigerator with single-use plastic water bottles again. $125 is the average cost of a monthly office bottled water delivery service per 10 to 20 employees* – that’s roughly $1,500 a year! Aside from being harmful to the environment, single-use water bottles are just inconvenient (?) expenses that should be replaced with cost-saving commercial water dispensers. Follow suit with the likes of Facebook, which instituted a ban on plastic water bottles and opted for water-filling stations for employees.

2.) You’ll Spend Less on Coffee
According to research site Cost Owl*, the average business using an external coffee service (including k-cups, standard coffee machines, creamers, ect.) will spend anywhere from $50 to $125 annually per employee. Yikes! This is especially troubling when you take into account that coffee tends to dehydrate the body and will make employees less productive – which can also indirectly increase costs. The addition of an office filtered water machine that dispenses clean, refreshing drinking water that suits every taste will make this the more palatable choice over coffee! An office sparkling water machine will position water as the more upscale choice - provide staff with lemon/lime wedges or herb garnishes and they’ll choose Natura over a dehydrating cup of joe every time!

3.) Increase Staff Productivity
Expanding on our point above, dehydration negatively impacts workplace productivity. Even mild dehydration, as in less than 5 percent, can impair physical and mental performance because our brains just don’t work as well without replenishing the water we have lost throughout the day. Combat cost-draining dehydration by installing a still and sparkling water dispenser! When the choice of “gourmet water” is always available, it’ll keep workers’ minds on the tasks at hand.

4.) Business Benefits from Healthy Employees
No business owner sets out to make employees’ lives miserable, but some may not fully grasp the importance of a happy and healthy team – especially on your wallet. Healthy employees are better at handling tasks, staying focused, and take fewer sick days. Even small changes to their well-being, like the addition of a filtered water dispenser, can lead to drastic improvements in performance .

5.) Engages Employees
Employees that just show up to work and go through the motions are often described as “disengaged employees.” According to a Gallup poll*, disengaged employees cost U.S. companies anywhere between $450 to $550 billion in lost productivity per year. A business can fall apart when engagement levels suffer, but they’ll improve if you let them relax and converse during the workday. There’s no way around it, “water cooler” talk brings remote employees together and gives them an opportunity to relax and de-stress. When they take a break to gather around the office water dispenser it allows them to truly engage with one another, thereby boosting employee morale and increasing respect for management.

A Natura Sparkling Water Dispenser can help you meet customer demand in 2020, learn more about how to get your own system here.


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