Four Sparkling Water Trends So Hot…

Four Sparkling Water Trends So Hot…

They Need to Add Some Cool Refreshing Water

Unless you were living under a rock last year, you’ve probably noticed that sparkling water is everywhere now. America’s thirst for healthy, flavorful, and fizzy seltzer water has boomed in the past four years – 54% to be exact. Millennials spearheaded this growth with their focus on health and wellness, not to mention the cult following some sparkling water brands have garnered on social media thanks to actively engaging with users. Hard seltzers also saw a meteoric rise in popularity last summer and successfully made its way into the zeitgeist. So … what does the future hold for sparkling water? Keep reading for the four hottest trends to watch in 2020:

1.) Caffeinated Sparkling Water
Born out of the idea that Americans gravitate toward drinks that have a jolt of caffeine but also want healthy and low-sugar offerings, caffeinated sparkling water began hitting supermarket shelves in late 2017. Since then, sales of caffeinated seltzers have steadily grown, and major manufacturers are taking notice – both Coca-Cola and Nestle Waters will be releasing caffeinated sparkling water in 2020. Many restauranteurs, recognizing the trend, jumped early to offer their own competitive offerings, keeping margins high and customers happy. Business owners, too, are using coffee service as a perk and have jumped on the give-a-jolt trend.

2.) “Craft” Hard Seltzer Vs. “Big” Hard Seltzer
2019 was a record-setting year for hard seltzer and it’s set to become a $2.5 billion category in the next two years. The market is currently dominated by White Claw and Truly, but craft breweries across the nation are developing their own hard seltzers. These restaurateurs and their mixologists are trying to get out in front of the name-brand requests by featuring their own craft seltzers on the cocktail menu. Since U.S. beer sales have stagnated over the last few years, it’s easy to see the appeal for craft seltzers from a business standpoint. For the most part “craft” hard seltzer translates to using real fruit purees, less sugar, and a special clarification process they claim removes the medicinal aftertaste found in canned hard seltzers. Natura, amongst others, offer recipe guides to customers from which they can grow their own array of mixes. The message here: Better cocktails start with better ingredients and a great mixologist.

3.) CBD + Sparkling Water
CBD (cannabidol) is non-psychoactive and is marketed to help relieve pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Seemingly overnight, it started showing up in everything from shampoos, chicken wings, dog treats, lotions, and lattes. It’s being sold in coffee shops, farmers markets, high-end department stores and most recently, CVS. CBD soda brands like Sprig, Recess, and Dram have been selling out in the markets where ingestible hemp-derived CBD is permitted (like Washington); however, it’s not yet approved at the federal level. Nevertheless, as trends go, this one is ready to pop and, given early pressure on Congress from the public to approve CBD for consumption in early 2020, restaurants are poised to add CBD to their sparkling water ingredient list. Said one restaurateur who preferred to not be named, CBD as an ingredient, “offers flavor profiles that range from neutral to earthy to a full-on jam. Plus, as an ingredient, I can choose from oils, sprays and powders. I’ve seen the trend move from weddings, to pop festivals, to my own restaurant’s cocktail list in a matter of one year.”

4.) Sparkling Mocktails and the Mindful Drinking Movement
The low ABV and sober trend skyrocketed in 2019, hence the popularity of #SoberOctober and now #DryJanuary. According to Nielsen, 66% of Millennials in 2019 said they’re making efforts to reduce their alcohol consumption and in January 2019 one-fifth of Americans claimed they participated in Dry January. Termed the “sober nightlife,” the movement is taking off in New York City and other large metropolitan centers. New York City’s Williamsburg-based Listen Bar has made headlines for its impressive lineup of mocktails. But now regular bars and restaurants are cluing into the idea that sober customers want more than just a Shirley-Temple and there’s no better canvas for mocktails than sparkling water – specifically, Natura Sparkling Water! Installing a Natura Sparkling Water Machine in your restaurant or bar will make it simple for your establishment to stay on trend and effectively put triple-filtered, “gourmet” sparkling water on the menu.

A Natura Sparkling Water Dispenser can help you meet customer demand in 2020, learn more about how to get your own system here.


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