Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Natura® Water System cost?

Natura® systems are available for purchase or rent via our network of distributors.

What makes Natura® the best water solution for my restaurant or business?

There are many reasons why Natura® is simply the best water option available for your business. In addition to being an extremely cost-effective way to serve healthy, great-tasting, chilled sparkling and still water to your customers and employees, the Natura® System is flexible, easy-to-use and sustainable.

Which Natura® Water System is right for my business?

Because we have a variety of systems available, a member of our sales team will be happy to provide recommendations and a price quote, following a brief analysis of your business’s water needs. Please call us at 1.877.302.8638 to get started immediately, or fill out our online form and a representative will contact you shortly.

What requirements are needed to successfully install a Natura® System in my establishment?

The flexibility of the Natura® System has allowed us to successfully install machines in restaurants and businesses across the U.S. The sleek, stylish and compact, stainless-steel dispensers and filter boxes require only a water line with a 3/8” opening and two standard, electrical outlets in close proximity to the installation site. You should also have sufficient space for your system’s main CO2 canister and storage for one extra CO2 canister.

How does a Natura® water dispensing machine work?

With a Natura® Water System, tap water from your business’s water line is first routed to flow through two advanced carbon filters that remove/reduce dirt, rust, sediments, chlorine and other chemicals, contaminants or heavy metals (such as lead, mercury, etc.) Then, this filtered water flows through our 3 stage, sediment, carbon, taste, odor and nano-ceram filtration system. This process ensures that the water will be free of any bacteria (99.99% of various kinds of micro-organisms and germs are killed in the disinfection chamber). The last step of the water purification process occurs in the refrigeration and carbonation chamber, a device made entirely in stainless steel, enabling maximum hygiene and constant refrigeration. Only after this sophisticated and proprietary three-step process does your tap water become fresh, Natura® water.