The HIGH-TECH Process


The Natura® water system was designed to provide great water in order to enhance the flavors of the finest cuisine. Today, the Natura® system has been improved with several features that allow it to filter, disinfect, refrigerate and carbonate tap water.

Through the use of two high-grade, long-lasting carbon filters, Natura® significantly removes chlorine, surfactants, nitrates and active carbon chemical contaminants from water systems in general; and from tap water in particular.


water filtration system

water filtration system flowchart


Carbon filter.Eliminates Chlorine, heavy metals and particles in suspension.


Disinfectant system via filtration system.Only one in the world with total irradiation.Reduces the bacteria count.


Refrigeration system with ice in reserve. Allows the unit to dispense volumes of water at a constant temperature.


Carbonation system (mixing water and CO2) is pressurized with sensor controls.


Industrial taps for dispensing of Natura water.


Then, the water flows through a filtration system. This technology is the only one in the world that provides TOTAL IRRADIATION thus allowing Natura to reduce the bacteria and virus count to almost zero including the elimination of E.Coli and the coliform bacteria that are so harmful to pregnant women and young children.

Finally, its unique refrigeration and carbonation system allows all Natura® units to dispense chilled Still and Sparkling water, at a constant temperature and a chosen "BUBBLE" intensity.

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