Mission and Values

Our mission: To bring the finest, freshest drinking water to the most discriminating palates the world over. To do so in a way that restores balance between business demands and environmental realities.

This is not a task for the meek or the mild. Water is an essential element—of the earth and of us, with the human body being more than 60% water. Because of this, and the disparate distribution of water throughout the world, water is often used as a bargaining chip, a fulcrum for power. (According to the CDC, more than 780 million global citizens do not have access to an adequate water supply.) We see part of our mission as restoring balance, to move away from water as a commodity or even a resource, but as a tool. One which should be available to all, and should be used responsibly by those with ready access to it.

This is why we make efficient use of this most precious element. A Natura system takes ordinary tap water, scrubs out the impurities, retains the important, great-tasting minerals, chills it, in some cases adds bubbles, and dispenses it fast for the refreshment of your patrons. It’s an amenity you can feel good about serving.

For more advanced users of our systems, Natura Water restores local control to soft-drink making—putting wholesome ingredients into the hands of beverage masters to create imaginative refreshments using fruits, teas, syrups, and flavorings. Soft drinks no longer have to be a factory item, canned hundreds of miles away, shrink-wrapped, stored in warehouses, and shipped to you. (Think of the reduced environmental impact just in aluminum, plastic, and fossil fuel.)

Of course we are aware that, in business, money must be made. In addition to being pure, sustainable, and responsible, we also increase your profits. We do this by turning tap water into a menu item with your own soda swaps and mocktails, and, through our fast dispense times, by creating more time for waitstaff to focus on moneymaking ventures rather than filling pitchers or refilling water glasses. 

It is this view, which balances the realities of business with the equal realities of the environment, that smartly delineates and defines Natura Water.