A Woman-Owned Business … Good for Business

Natura Water is proud to be a woman-owned business. Patriarch Partners, our parent company, was founded in 2000 by Lynn Tilton, who remains its CEO today. Patriarch Partners focuses on the acquisition of iconic American brands to create and preserve jobs in America and around the globe. Tilton serves as sole director and chair of the board (or the equivalent) at all of her portfolio companies. She has preserved 700,000 jobs and counting.

Aside from being good for Natura, this is good for business. According to the IFDA (International Foodservice Distributors Association) Women's Leadership Committee:

  • Gender diversity is associated with increased sales revenue, more customers, and greater relative profits. Companies with the highest representation of women in their top management teams see a higher return on equity than companies with low female representation.
  • Gender diversity helps companies connect with an evolving customer base, with the number of women-owned restaurant businesses increasing significantly in recent years.
  • A diversity of perspectives is linked with better decision-making and problem-solving as well as increased innovation and creativity.
  • A commitment to diversity helps with recruitment and retention of the workforce. As a workforce, millennials are the most diverse generation and they value inclusion.

SOURCE: International Foodservice Distributors Association

More about Lynn Tilton
The recognition given to Tilton throughout her career is voluminous. Automotive News named her one of 100 Leading Women in the automotive industry. She was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by the Living Legends of Aviation, the first female in history to receive such distinction, and was inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation Hall of Fame.

She was honored by Womensphere with the Luminary Award, given to “the woman whose leadership, innovation, and personal commitment has illuminated and inspired the lives of millions, and positively transformed the world.” In 2014, Tilton won the inaugural Business Pioneer Award at the first Women’s Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations, which celebrated her leadership in the global movement to empower and support women-owned businesses worldwide.

Tilton earned a BA in American Studies from Yale University and an MBA in Finance from
Columbia University.

We thrive in any business environment, but for partners who have supplier diversity programs designed to ensure opportunities for Minority and Women-Owned Business Entrepreneurs (MWBE), Natura becomes a perfect fit!