Sparkling Water Machines for Offices

Attracting and retaining top talent is a workaday goal of any successful organization. Firms are going to extraordinary lengths to gain an edge, adding everything from concierge grocery services for employees to private shuttles for daily commutes. Natura® can revolutionize beverage service with sparkling water machines for offices, adding an upscale, taken-care-of vibe to executive offices. 

The Natura system is attractive enough to be placed on a conference room countertop or can be mounted below and accessed with three separate taps. Either way, our sparkling water machines for offices definitely make a statement. The triple-action filtered, and carbonated water system delivers taste guaranteed to please even the most discerning palates. Natura’s patented three-step filtration system eliminates impurities while retaining healthy, thirst-quenching minerals. 

In the corporate world, Natura checks multiple boxes. Because it is serviced by your building’s water lines, it is economical, too. Our sparkling water machines for offices prove there’s not a more cost-effective way to provide ample chilled sparkling water to employees and guests. It also promotes healthy lifestyles by providing an alternative to sugary sodas and aligns with corporate sustainability goals by making responsible use of natural resources.

VIP/Executive Suites

Guests pay a premium to conduct business in a suite, so give them a premium experience in return. Food and beverage service should be elevated over standard fare to create a perception of luxury and value. A Natura system is a critical component of any well-appointed executive suite, catering to the tastes of people accustomed to being catered to.

Seemingly endless sparkling water on demand flows from the impressive stainless steel housing, featuring two or three built-in taps (your choice). Provide up to 80 liters of chilled, filtered water per hour. It’s a conspicuous way to add opulence to entertaining for your clients’ business associates, dignitaries, investors, donors, alumni, and other VIPs.

A Natura water system can proudly stand alongside the cuisine your executive chef specifies for guests, working in concert to raise a night out to the level of a truly memorable experience.

Combined with fruit juices and other ingredients, Natura sparkling water is an ideal canvas for the creation of nonalcoholic beverages, and adds effervescence to cocktails for after-hours meetings and mixers.