Water Filtration System for Schools 

In recent years, students have begun to move away from sugary beverages and are more mindful of the relationship between what they eat and drink and their physical and mental performance. Drinks that have a positive effect on your health have become much more common, replacing soft drinks that were otherwise very popular before people took a larger consideration for their health. In addition, college campuses are improving their sustainability programs to follow the trend of becoming more environmentally conscious. Many universities provide stations where students can find sustainable forms of hydration void of packaging waste, such as water refill stations that require the use of refillable water bottles.  

Natura® offers a premium, environmentally friendly solution for students to access chilled still or sparkling water instead of sugary, caffeinated beverages. With our water filtration systems for schools, Natura is working to expand upon the drink options available to each student. 

Campus foodservice can use Natura to revitalize the dining hall as a mealtime destination. When combined with fruit juices and other ingredients, Natura sparkling water becomes the base for the creation of signature non-alcoholic beverages, driving traffic back to cafeterias and specialty restaurants. 

By incorporating Natura into your campus-wide bottle refill program, you can benefit not only through providing students with a great alternative to sugary drinks but also by staying environmentally conscious at the same time. Encourage students and faculty to refill their bottles with some of the best water on earth, all while aligning with campus sustainability goals. 

Natura water filtration systems for schools are also a natural fit for stadium suites and loges, elevating the VIP experience for donors and potential donors, giving your guests the best you have to offer. 

If you’re looking to purchase your own systems, or for more information on the water filtration systems for schools that we provide, contact us today.