Sparkling Water Dispensers for Fitness Centers 

As an owner of a fitness center or gym, you understand that clients come to you for self-improvement, getting in shape, and feeling good. You’re in the perception business, helping people to actualize their true selves, and all that they can be with some hard work and persistence. Being perceived as a high-end, knowledgeable service provider is vital to the success of your clients, as well as being vital for your business itself. 

Natura® sparkling water dispenser for fitness centers adds to your brand equity by demonstrating how seriously you take your clients’ personal journeys. Providing clients with healthy drink choices shows that you’re all about wanting your patrons to reach their full potential. Where typical vending machines with soft drinks are not a good option in a place where fitness is key, our sparkling water dispensers for fitness centers show your commitment to helping clients realize their potential. This high-grade amenity boosts your reputation while actually lowering your hydration costs. 

Consider that American consumption of sparkling water has risen by 42 percent in recent years, as more people look for healthier alternatives to soda. Now imagine being able to offer it to your guests at a fraction of the cost and without the environmental impact of cans and bottles.

There are health benefits you can tout, too—which will resonate with your client base. Natura uses two high-grade, long-lasting carbon filters to substantially remove chlorine and harmful pollutants that could negatively affect your health, such as reducing heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals, and improving the overall taste and smell of water. 

The people who walk into your business demand the best from themselves—and for themselves. Natura lets them know you’re right there with them. If you’re interested in purchasing your own sparkling water dispensers for your fitness center or have any questions, get in touch with us today.