Sparkling Restaurant Water Systems 

When you’re seated at a restaurant, one of the first things you can expect is for your waiter to bring out water and ask about any additional drinks you might want. Although this has become expected at restaurants, it also often has a negative impact on the operational efficiency of your entire operation, taking time away from waitstaff who may be servicing many other tables, while also creating no additional revenue. Fortunately, we’re here to give restaurants a chance to step up their water game with a Natura® sparkling restaurant water system. Just one of these water dispensing systems can effectively save crucial time and even turn water into a profit center. 

Natura gives you the power to provide a high-end product that’s also an economical solution. Our sparkling restaurant water systems have high-volume taps that fill containers at three times the flow rate of a typical bar gun. These systems help you to free up space in refrigerators because there’s no longer a need to pre-fill and chill water decanters in anticipation of customers arriving. Instead, we give you the option to precisely fill the same decanters on-demand with Natura’s chilled water. Increase productivity for wait staff and reduce engagement for bar staff and water dispensing, and instead, let them focus more on the customers seated in front of them. 

Create a revenue stream simply with an upcharge for sparkling water. Add syrups, fruits, and other ingredients, and on-demand sparkling water opens up a world of signature drink creation. With Natura, you can effectively put water on the menu with help from our sparkling restaurant water systems. 

Natura is a sleek, stunning thoroughbred with the heart of a workhorse. Its stainless steel design looks great for any restaurants’ atmosphere and is more than capable of standing up to daily demands. Triple-action filtration dispenses pure, best-tasting water for demanding customers.